Lust Academy v1.0.7 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 10/12/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.7
MOD Info:God Mode
Package:Google Play Link

Coming to the famous Magus academy in the game Lust Academy, you will be immersed in the world of beauty and magic. Not only can you be acquainted with many lovely and charming schoolgirls, you can also fight with them to uncover the hidden magical mystery. Our MOD version will make your game experience easier.

Introduce about game Lust Academy

Lust Academy is a classic action game with engaging graphics and content. A bit of an adult element is mixed to increase the player’s emotions. The game screen with many dramatic action scenes. This is also the time to show off your movement and reflexes. Are you ready?


As someone who understands magic, you are invited to the prestigious Magus Academy. Here you get to work as a special teacher. What you could not have expected is that this academy are all charming and beautiful schoolgirls. You will train them to become stronger to fight the evil forces. Train these witches as you want, making them your lover. Then, bad thoughts have started to appear in your subconscious mind.


The main gameplay of Lust Academy is classic action. You will have your witches move around the screen to dodge the enemy attack. With that, you will use your skills and attacks to destroy them. Collect powerful witches, you need to help them upgrade their skills and attack power. From there, you can easily overcome many difficult levels. Unlimited strength and gameplay, you can comfortably experience this game.


More than 20 beautiful and charming witch students and teachers are waiting for you to discover. Each character in Lust Academy possesses a special skill. Defeat the most powerful Boss to unlock new characters. Equip them with accessories for more attack abilities. Each character you own, you can access the gallery to see their spoiled and private photos. Not only that, you can also do adult affairs with them.

Interesting Boss Battles

After a period of fighting with the elementary soldiers, the Boss at the end of the game screen will appear. They are also powerful witches of darkness. You will surely be surprised by the extremely unexpected and difficult to dodge skills. Your counter-attacks will decrease their HP bar and tear their clothing. Boss battles are often very dramatic, but equally interesting.


Background in the game is mainly in the sky collapsed in the phone screen. However, the variety of images will make you not bored. The context of a clear blue sky or sunset, quiet night … changes flexibly in the same game screen. Especially the academy’s dormitory is beautiful from the scenery to the female students. This is definitely a place that attracts great interest from players.


The graphics of this Lust Academy game are really eye-catching and awesome. Character creation is extremely beautiful and seductive. Action scenes are full of skill effects and visuals, giving players a sense of excitement. Especially, the images of adults are made real, stimulating the player’s gaze. The background music and sound skills are also part of the appeal of this game.

MOD APK version of Lust Academy

MOD feature

To easily go through the levels with difficult Bosses, try using our MOD version. This version gives you MOD features:

  • God Mode
  • X5 Dmg

Download Lust Academy MOD APK for Android

Lust Academy brings you engaging 3P-4P action scenes, hot students, and instructors who interact closely with you. Immersed in the love of beautiful schoolgirls, you won’t be able to take your eyes off. With dramatic and beautiful action, Lust Academy will certainly not disappoint you. Please join us and feel!

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