Burst To Power v1.4.1p4 Mod APK (No Skill Cost)

Last updated: 15/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.1p4
MOD Info:No Skill Cost
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:BOOLit Game Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Burst To Power is an action role-playing game with extremely attractive gameplay. Add to that the stunning graphics, sure to bring you an unforgettable experience!

Introduce about Burst To Power

Burst To Power is developed by BOOLit Game Studio. It is developed based on the famous Power Level Warrior game that was also released before BOOLit Game Studio. And Burst To Power still inherits the familiar gameplay and visual style of Power Level Warrior. But with the new storyline, you will have an adventure journey with many new challenges without being boring.

Story of the game

The story in the game takes place in a world called BOOLitVerse. This world is in trouble because the Overworld is invading. This crazy plan is carried out by Gloggle, a powerful god. But he didn’t want to live in peace, so he started this war. At that time, Reyline was one of the heroes capable of stopping this plan. He went looking for comrades to fight against Gloggle. In this game, you are impersonated Reyline to start the journey to protect the world.

Role-playing action gameplay

Basically, the gameplay in Burst To Power is developed in a familiar role-playing style. Players will choose for themselves a character to develop and fight. Mechanism of combat in the form of dramatic and attractive confrontation. In the match, each character has different stats as below:

  • Health: This is the bar that displays the character’s health and health. If this bar runs out, the character loses.
  • Spirit: The higher this stat, the stronger your character is to unleash special skills.
  • Stamina: The durability stat helps your character take better hits, better defense.

The fighting matches in the game take place at a very fast pace. Players need to constantly launch offensive or defensive moves. Just a second off guard, your character can be quickly defeated. Therefore, this game requires high concentration and agile combat skills. Victory will depend on two factors, the strength of the character and the skill of the player. You need to make sure to develop both of these elements to conquer all levels of the Burst To Power game.

Character system and upgrades

Game Burst To Power brings a fairly diverse character system. Of course, each character has their own skills and fighting style. Along with that, the character’s advantages and disadvantages also depend on the skill set they have. To make the most of your character’s abilities in battle, you must know how to combine their skills. Those are basic attack skills, and special skills. Special skills often bring great damage, but require high accuracy. You unleash that skill when necessary to defeat the opponent in a moment.

In order for the character to be stronger, you need to regularly upgrade. Let your character learn new skills, upgrade to a higher level. Because your enemies later become stronger. If you don’t progress, you will be the weakest in this game.

In addition, the character creation in the game Burst To Power is also quite eye-catching. These cartoon-style characters are designed quite similar to the Dragon Ball franchise. From the character’s face, appearance, and hairstyle, the characters in Burst To Power are all similar to Son Goku and Son Gohan of Dragon Ball. Even some of the moves in the game are inspired by the manga franchise just mentioned. Only hair color and costume system makes this game different.

Graphics and sound

Burst To Power is developed with impressive graphics with advanced 3D graphics. The images in the game are designed in cartoon style. All characters and scenes are hand-drawn with high artistic quality. In dramatic matches, you can admire epic 3D scenes with beautiful effects. Another plus point is that the character’s skill effects are also extremely eye-catching. These skills are combined from light effects and sound effects. Thanks to that, you will have a wonderful experience like watching Anime movies.

MOD APK version of Burst To Power

MOD features

No Skill Cost: While fighting, you can use the character’s skills at any time without cost. Thanks to this feature, you can more easily defeat your enemies.

Download Burst To Power MOD APK latest Android

In general, the gameplay of the game Burst To Power is quite familiar, but still brings unique experiences to players. Its graphics and images are also quite good, especially the character creation is somewhat similar to Dragon Ball. It is also thanks to that shape that the game attracts more players. And right here is the link to download the Burst To Power MOD APK game for you!

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