FFVII The First Soldier APK v1.0.28 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 30/11/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:1.0.28
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 7.1
Publisher:Square Enix
Package:Google Play Link

Recently, Square Enix has continued to release a new version of their popular Final Fantasy game franchise. This is a version in the FFVII series. This sequel is called FFVII The First Soldier, just released a few days ago.

Introduce about FFVII The First Soldier

Game FFVII The First Soldier was just released not long ago by Square Enix itself. Currently the game is available on Google Play and AppStore. However, that is only a beta version for certain countries. Therefore, players in many parts of the world cannot download this game. That’s why you visit REDMOD. we bring you FFVII The First Soldier APK version completely free for you to experience this game early.

Interesting content

As a fan of the action role-playing game genre, you are certainly no stranger to the Final Fantasy franchise. It is like a monument in the fantasy action game genre for many years. As you know, this game franchise has been around for quite a while. Initially it was only for handheld game consoles, but now there are many versions for Android and iOS for players to easily experience. Until now, just mentioning the new version of FF, it will definitely be an attractive game.

One of the favorite series in the Final Fantasy franchise is FFVII. And FFVII The First Soldier is the most recently released version. Still the familiar fantasy theme, this game continues to attract the attention of a large number of players around the world.

Familiar role-playing action gameplay

As mentioned above, Final Fantasy is a monument to the action role-playing game genre. Therefore, the new versions that have been and are about to be released are of course still action games. FFVII The First Soldier brings an extremely attractive action role-playing gameplay with a familiar brand. Thereby, you still have the choice of strong characters to start the adventure journey. Choose for yourself the most suitable character, to enter the mysterious fantasy world in FFVII The First Soldier!

The gameplay of the game is quite free, depending on the style of each player. However, the game has three basic fighting ways that are Melee, Magic and Handgun. You need to know the right combination of these fighting styles. In each different situation will suit a different way of playing. Therefore, FFVII The First Soldier also has a strategic element, not simply an action game.

Character system and upgrades

Entering the game, you have a lot of different character choices. The game divides the character into many different classes, each class will have its own characteristics and strength. You will see the familiar characters Warrior, Sorceror and Ranger, like the previous FF versions. But in this new version, you get to know two new character systems, Monk and Ninja. Accordingly, each character class will be suitable for each different case. You need to research carefully to choose for online PvP or PvE match.

Choosing the right character system is extremely important. It is not only to know which character you are suitable for, but also to build a strategy. In order to fully understand all the characters, you can only try them out one by one. After many plays, you get experience in the selection.

As usual, after getting the right characters, you need to regularly upgrade them. The later, the stronger your opponent, so you have to upgrade your character constantly. In addition to upgrading strength, you can also change the appearance of heroes in the game.

Diverse arena

In this version, you still get to participate in the iconic Final Fantasy arenas. Examples include Seventh Heaven, Corneo’s mansion, a train graveyard and even a familiar house surrounded by flowers. These locations are also redesigned to make the game not too similar to the old versions. Therefore, coming to each arena, you will have your own unique and interesting experiences.

Realistic experience with top-notch graphics

No need to introduce too much to talk about the graphic quality of Final Fantasy mobile versions. Previously released seniors all have extremely beautiful 3D graphics. Coming to FFVII The First Soldier, you continue to admire an excellent graphics background.

In terms of visual style, it is still designed exactly like the previous FF versions. Even this new version is somewhat more beautiful when displayed on devices with high quality screens today. However, beautiful graphics, you have to trade some things. It is a game that requires a lot of different gaming equipment. The first is the minimum memory capacity of 2GB. Next, the device configuration must be high for the game to work smoothly.

MOD APK version of FFVII The First Soldier

MOD feature required

Updating. Because the game FFVII The First Soldier has not yet released a complete version, we do not have a MOD version for you. However, we bring the APK version so you can experience this game early. The MOD version will be released soon in the near future.

Download FFVII The First Soldier APK for Android

If you like action fantasy game genre, FFVII The First Soldier will not disappoint you. It offers attractive gameplay, extremely sharp and realistic images. In particular, fans of the Final Fantasy game franchise, this is a product not to be missed. The link to download the game FFVII The First Soldier APK is ready below, you can download it now. Note, this game has quite a large capacity, so you need to note the free memory on your device before downloading the game.

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