PIPE HEAD STORY v0.782 Mod APK (Free Shopping, Gifts)

Last updated: 11/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.782
MOD Info:Free Shopping, Gifts
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Linked Squad
Package:Google Play Link

PIPE HEAD STORY MOD APK gives you an extremely attractive action role-playing gameplay. You will be on an important rescue mission with lots of challenges. Fear of lonely places, horror monsters will be the things that you have to face.

Introduce about PIPE HEAD STORY

PIPE HEAD STORY is released by the developer Linked Squad. They are also not a famous game company. Because before that, they only released one product, a horror action game. And PIPE HEAD STORY is their newest product. Accordingly, the game is still developed with horror-themed action gameplay. You will have memorable experiences with realistic feeling thanks to high quality 3D graphics.


You are a mercenary with strong fighting ability. One day, you receive a call from an unknown person. He barely had time to say a few pleas for help, he was in trouble in a nearby bunker. In the spirit of a brave man, you set out to find him.

And you found that bunker, it’s deep in the dark and mysterious forest. It seems that this place was once a military base with many ruins and dilapidated bunkers. The ruins and desolate place in this place make players a little scared. You must face that fear to learn the truth about the unknown man who is calling for your help.

Here, the bunker has no light and no air. A dark, cold and mysterious atmosphere. There were only radiation and hungry monsters around. They are always stalking anyone who comes to this place, anyone can become their prey. Your mission is to destroy the monsters, rescue people who are trapped in the bunker.

Action gameplay

Game PIPE HEAD STORY is developed gameplay combining many different elements. You are immersed in the main character, adventure in a gloomy forest full of monsters and on a mission to rescue strangers. Faced with bloodthirsty monsters, you are forced to fight them. You cannot hide, pick up your weapons and destroy them with the fighting ability of a brave soldier.

Monsters can appear at any time. Therefore, you must always be in a state of combat readiness. Just a little bit off guard, you can be destroyed by them in an instant. Do your best to rescue the guy who’s begging for you, and find out what he’s doing there.

Weapon system

PIPE HEAD STORY does not have many game modes, so the weapon system in the game is also quite small. You have several different options for weapons like, knives, shotguns, or shotguns. But only with that, you were able to complete the rescue mission in this game. The game features many different types of monsters, and appears in many locations. Depending on the battle situation, you choose the right weapon. With giant Bosses, you must have a powerful rifle, continuously attack it with accurate shots.

Graphics and sound

Game PIPE HEAD STORY is invested with an impressive 3D graphics background. The entire scene in the game has dark and mysterious tones. The fear is even more when this fight is only you. You are the only one in the game. The character calling for help does not appear until the end of the game. With that loneliness makes you feel chill every time you approach the dark forest, bunker.

In addition, there are integrated sound effects such as footsteps in the forest, in the bunker, gunfire, monster sounds… Those sounds contribute to creating a realistic and vivid experience for the game. .


MOD features

  • Free Gifts: You can get free stuff without watching ads;
  • Remove Ads: You will not be bothered by ads while playing the game;
  • Free Shopping: Free purchases with real money (requires Internet and authorization in Google services).

Download PIPE HEAD STORY MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, PIPE HEAD STORY offers a not too long, fairly simple plot. And the gameplay of the game is not diverse, but enough for you to explore and experience. Perhaps its most striking feature is the images and graphics. Anyway, this is an action game worth your experience.

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