Kingdom Clash v1.9.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 07/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.9.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Are you ready to join epic battles to fight for freedom for your kingdom? Embark on a journey to a medieval kingdom mired in brutal wars between kingdoms. Play Kingdom Clash – Battle Sim to win every battle. This traditional tower defense game will bring you many great experiences, different from other similar games.

Introduce game Kingdom Clash

Tower defense is a strategy game genre that is very popular with players. Kingdom Clash is one of the variations of this genre. If you’ve played Blo’k Warriors before, this game is the same, but with more epic graphics. The viewing angle also changes, you will have a better overview when looking down from above. So Kingdom Clash has anything new in the content or not? Let’s find out with us!

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Tactical gameplay

Gather the strongest troops

The quality of soldiers in strategy games is also extremely important. In addition to helping you operate a smooth strategy, it also helps to reduce the load of constant troop replenishment. Quality is better than quantity, so you need to unlock as many powerful troops as possible. Kingdom Clash – Battle Sim has many types of soldiers for you to choose from. Knights, archers, bombers and dozens of other troops are ready to fight for you. Each character has their own unique skills and abilities that can decide the sudden war.

Unlocking and collecting many types of troops is not easy. You have to perform many tasks, achievements and have enough required levels. Having many types of troops also gives you the flexibility to create the best tactics. Bring your strongest characters into battle and summon them. Surely you will be surprised by the incredible power of their skills.

Upgrade your army

Collect, merge and upgrade your army to win every battle. In Kingdom Clash – Battle Sim there are two ways for you to upgrade your army. The first is to directly increase the skills of your troops. They will be greatly increased in HP, attack, defense and even skill power. For example, “the dark night” soldiers, their attack stats are quite high, so they will be greatly increased when upgraded.

This upgrade feature can also be applied in battle. And every time you start a new game, everything will be reset to the way it was. This upgrade also needs a specific strategy. Why and because you must consider the rational use of resources. Avoid the fact that you invest in upgrading troops but do not compensate for the number of defenses.

Main gameplay

Battle with epic demons

The Ancient Evil Has Awakened! Only you can defeat mighty creatures and free your land! Lead your army to dangerous lairs and don’t let your army fail in this war simulation game. Each stage, you will meet many different demons and their attacks are also extremely diverse. If you stick to the same way of playing, you probably won’t be able to complete this game. Constantly thinking of new strategies based on the number of troops you have, is the proof of your ability!

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Collect, summon and upgrade the most powerful soldiers

Main Battle Tactics

In this battle simulation game, you have to deploy your soldiers on the battlefield against the small army of the enemy. Make wise decisions based on combat corps capabilities, enemy military forces and map conditions. If you combine these factors well, the victory will definitely be in your hands. So how will a battle play out?

Enemies will continuously approach your base. They will appear in waves, you need to destroy them all before they attack the main house. Between each wave is free time for you to reset your formation and strategy. You can earn from buildings or pick them up randomly on the map. Use that resource to summon powerful soldiers, helping you defend against powerful attacks from demons. You can upgrade your soldiers to increase defense power. However, this will consume resources, so only use it when you feel you have enough defense.

Maps and backgrounds

Install a battle simulator and battle the armies of enemies in stylish 3D battle arenas. Arid deserts, frozen lands, green forests and other beautifully designed battlefields are waiting for the epic battles to begin. Each map brings different interesting experiences. Correspondingly, the monsters are different in each map, they will have different strengths and weaknesses. More locations will soon be available to players in the upcoming updates.


Record your glorious journey in a massive collection of achievements. This feature not only gives you noble titles, but it also has countless valuable rewards. Each achievement will be equivalent to a specific task. They will be continuously upgraded in difficulty to both increase the title value and increase the reward. These missions all revolve around the battles you participate in. Therefore, it is very easy for you to complete all the achievements included in this game.

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Beautiful 3D graphics with unique viewing angles


Kingdom Clash is one of the strategy games with beautiful graphics. Sharp 3D images and many unique effects appear continuously in battles. The top-down angle is also part of the attraction of this game. You will experience more epic battles, more extensive when viewed from above. Besides, we are also impressed with the character design in this game. Extremely outstanding combat sound creates dramatic, passionate moments. It increases the appeal when players can experience the most realistic battles.

MOD APK version of Kingdom Clash

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • VIP

Note: you need to skip the tutorial before using the MOD (until level 8)

Download Kingdom Clash MOD APK for Android

Become the true champion of the kingdom and defend your land in this amazing battle simulation game! Kingdom Clash will bring you the most attractive and engaging tower defense gameplay. Wipe out all enemies with your creative strategies. If you love thinking and logic, this game is extremely suitable. Download the game now and show your great commanding ability!

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