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Last updated: 30/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.2.53
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:PIER Corporation Inc.
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If you like novel stories, you will definitely like visual novel game genres. And today, REDMOD continues to introduce to readers an extremely attractive simulation game, which is IFyou.

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Introduce about IFyou

IFyou is a familiar visual novel simulation game. This is the type of game that is being loved by many people. Accordingly, you will discover many love stories, humor, mysteries, same-sex love, … in this game. Plus there are beautiful illustrations for each story.

Various content

Usually, visual novel games are developed in two different forms. The first is the genre with only a single plot, throughout the game experience. Usually it’s a rather long plot. And the second type is the synthesis of many different stories in one game. And those stories have not too long content, players can quickly complete.

This IFyou game is developed in the second form. It is a synthesis of many different stories for players to explore. Each story in the game has its own theme and attraction. Depending on your personality and interests, you will find your favorite story.

Discover many stories

As introduced, IFyou brings a lot of different stories for you to explore. Those stories have dramatic and romantic content for those in love, fantasy… There are even stories dedicated to the LGBT community. Although the themes of each story are different, most of them have themes about love.

With many different choices, you can enjoy a satisfying experience. Each ending story will leave you with beautiful and unforgettable memories. Here are the most unique stories in the game:


An interesting story about the love between humans and vampires. You are a beautiful girl, but one day you have to live with a mysterious person, he is a vampire. But he appears not to harm you, a lot of interesting details appear in this story.


The story of the main character Kim Roksu. She is a playboy, making money from dating rich guys. She became rich through this job. But she herself is stuck at work. There are many difficulties and constraints that make it impossible for her to get out.


In this story, you are taken to a fairy tale with a little mermaid of Gyeongseong. You will discover fascinating episodes about love and despair.


A love made by two people with opposite personalities. The boy is a person who wants to change, and the girl is someone who is afraid of changes. Will that antagonism affect the relationship between the two of them?


This is a romantic and equally dramatic story. The content of the game is about Grim Ripper trying to save the life of a man trapped in purgatory.

Familiar otome gameplay

IFyou’s gameplay is still familiar with exploration, a gameplay that anyone can easily get used to. You are essentially exploring and writing novels, not playing games. Each novel in the game has only the main plot, and the ending is still open and waiting for you to complete. In each story, the player must make decisions about his life. And every decision creates a new direction, directly affecting the end. And of course, there are many different endings, depending on how you play.

Illustrating images

IFyou is developed with basic 2D graphics, the quality is not too outstanding. But in return, the visual design of the game is very eye-catching. Most of the visual novel games are designed in Anime style. And IFyou too, you will see Japanese Anime characters. The character system of the game is extremely beautiful.

MOD APK version of IFyou

MOD features

Free Premium Choices

Download IFyou MOD APK latest version for Android

Coming to IFyou, you are free to experience with dozens of different stories. The developer also adds more interesting new stories in the upcoming updates. And now, download IFyou MOD APK to start discovering the love stories in this game!

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