Red Ball Super Run v1.5.3 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 17/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.5.3
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Package:Google Play Link

Download Red Ball Super Run MOD APK to join a brand new and exciting endless running adventure! Join the red ball heroes to stop the destruction of the evil square minions. Run non-stop to save the world!

Introduce game Red Ball Super Run

Red Ball Super Run MOD APK is infinite running action game for Android. This familiar gameplay is extremely simple but addictive. In particular, it has extremely unique and lovely graphics and backgrounds. Compared to similar games today, Red Ball Super Run has more content and features. You’ll always have something to do and follow your character’s every move in this game!

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Dramatic, fast-paced action gameplay

More maps

You probably already know Subway Serfurs, the most downloaded infinite runner game in the world. However, it has only one running location. This creates boredom once you’ve been playing for a while. As for Red Ball Super Run, it gives you 4 different running locations to choose from. The city, the harbor, the subway and the factory are ready to challenge you. Each location will have different enemies and obstacles to challenge your skills. New locations will also be added by the publisher in the upcoming update versions.


It can be said that Red Ball Super Run does not have as many characters as similar games. Currently, you can only choose Run, Roll, Dodge and Dash in endless running adventures. What are the differences? Each character in this game has special skills. This skill can help you avoid unexpected dangers on the run. Moreover, it is also extremely beneficial when you encounter a Boss.

Four epic bosses will randomly appear on the map and hinder your journey. They can shoot guns continuously on the run with the purpose of knocking you out of the game. If you overcome the Boss, you will receive a random gift and countless bonus points.

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Create many records with the highest scores

Addictive gameplay

Infinite run is a gameplay that once took the video game market crazy. It is a simple but extremely addictive gameplay. The important element in this game is that you have to have quick reflexes. Obstacles constantly appear unexpectedly on the running track. You never know in advance what will happen to you. The fast pace of the game doesn’t allow you much time to think. Totally depends on your natural reflexes!

Specifically in Red Ball Super Run, you will play the role of a red ball hero. Choose the location you want and start running. The square minions appear continuously on the run and you have to move to avoid hitting them. On the run, there will be scattered support items for you to collect. It can be a magnet that attracts gold coins, a fighter jet knocks out all the obstacles in front of you… The later on, the more important the support items become, the fast paced of the game will make you confused. .

Red Ball Super Run also features Boss fighting. When you reach a certain score, the Boss will appear and shoot continuously on your run. Then you can only try to dodge their attacks. The speed of the bullets also depends on the game tempo. Red alert, not to be taken lightly!

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The only infinite runner game with a Boss battle feature

Collect quest items

This game also has the ability to unlock comic albums. Animated pieces will occasionally appear on your run. Collect enough pieces, you can unlock a comic book. The reward of this quest is the unique and beautiful costumes of the red ball hero. You cannot collect pieces of many different comic books at the same time. The mechanism of this game is that you have to complete the current comic book to unlock the next story books.

Great graphics

You will always feel comfortable with light and colorful 3D graphics in Red Ball Super Run. The characters are designed to be simple and cute, suitable for even younger players. Diverse backgrounds with 4 different colorful locations to create a lot of inspiration for you. Smooth animations and eye-catching visual effects are also part of the appeal of this amazing infinite runner game.

The importance of sound in the game cannot be overlooked. It is the main source of energy to help you always feel excited when starting the game. Vibrant background music, sounds as you pick up gold coins, and character sounds, voices, and more create a continuous, frenetic atmosphere.

MOD APK version of Red Ball Super Run

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download Red Ball Super Run MOD APK for Android

Red Ball Super Run MOD APK is the perfect choice for entertainment in your spare time. The gameplay is light, no need to go online too much and it’s completely free, you can open it up and experience it anytime. This infinite runner gameplay can be even more fun when you compete with your friends. Download the game and start your infinite adventure journey now!

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