Path of Immortals v2.4.0.2 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 24/11/2021 (3 years ago)

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MOD Info:God Mode
Requires:Android 4.2+
Publisher:Mechanist Games
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Do you dare to step through the world of the dead? Path of Immortals is an action game that simulates that world. Take control of a barbaric king, demon ranger…. so you can progress to eternal life. This action game is downloadable from Google Play. But with our Path of Immortals MOD APK version, you will experience the game more easily.

Introduce about game Path of Immortals

Path of Immortals is an action game that combines elements of role-playing and adventure. You will be active non-stop, constantly fighting, looting and dungeons. Play your way to riches and quickly find the door to the end of the story. Hundreds of exciting levels are waiting for you to explore and pass. Choose your hero and win them all, opening the eternal path to return to reality. Don’t waste time, act now!

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Choose a character with your favorite fighting style


Every person who dies will be exiled in a fantasy world. This is a place separate from the mortal world, a place that humans cannot touch. The story happens to our 3 heroes, they are also exiled here. But their strong will makes them try to find a way to find the door of reincarnation. In other words, return to reality even after death. But this place is controlled by a barbarian king, he does not allow anyone to easily escape here. Fight, destroy dungeons and more, can you help them overcome these daunting challenges?


Path of Immortals gives you 3 extremely powerful characters. They all have their own unique attributes and weapons. Depending on the characteristics of the dungeon you are going to, choose the character accordingly. Specifically:

  • Barbarian: with an extremely powerful iron hammer, he can knock out anyone with just one hit. Good stamina is also a factor that makes many players choose Barbarian for most of the journey. However, his weakness is just that the range is too short. That makes it more difficult to reach the target and dodge the attack.
  • Ranger : Ranger’s main weapon is a bow, so he can attack enemies from a great distance. Keeping a distance from the enemy helps you to easily dodge attacks and preserve maximum health. But Ranger’s defense is not good, you need to be very careful.
  • Druid : Possessing supernatural energy, Druid is a magical and powerful magician. He possesses energy from nature so he can awaken at any time. This is a character that is extremely suitable for passing early levels because of his ability to kill enemies quickly and easily. But to fight bosses, Druid seems to be more defeated.

Exciting action gameplay

Dungeon Passing

In Path of Immortals, you will have to go through hundreds of dungeons to reach the final door. Each dungeon you will have to pass many small levels until you meet the final boss. After defeating the boss, you will be taken to the next dungeon. The difficult factor here is that you have to keep the required amount of health before meeting the boss. Otherwise, we believe that you will not be able to finish because the boss has extremely strong attack ability.

After each level, you will be given a random power-up card. Those are the only support items you have in the match. These items also have random attributes such as: increase strength, heal, receive help… You can optionally choose one of the 3 cards to advance to the next round.

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Dramatic and exciting action scenes


Your character will automatically attack when an enemy appears within their range. Your task is to move the main navigation button to the center of the screen. Drag the navigation button to move around dodging attacks from enemies. In this game, you just need to have good reflexes to dodge. The rest, the character will attack on their own if they scan for the appearance of monsters.

Equip and loot

You can loot a lot of items along the way when killing enemies. Characters will pick them up themselves, you just need to control them to move over those items. In particular, after defeating the boss and completing the dungeon, you will receive countless bonuses and rare equipment. Equipment will help your character evolve attacks and skills. Moreover, their power stats will also increase dramatically when wearing high-level equipment.

Team fighting

Path of Immortals also has an extremely attractive team battle feature. In a match, up to 3 players can join together. This feature only takes effect when you participate in a world boss level challenge. This is an online game mode where many players can fight together. World Boss brings a lot of rare items, don’t miss it!

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Team Battle Mode

Idle feature

Let your champion fight on his own! With Path of Immortals’ idle feature, you can earn rewards even while offline. Just select the map and set auto, the characters will automatically escape the dungeon, fight and start over. However, this feature only applies to levels that you have passed. Therefore, the more levels you complete, the more rewards you will receive each time you log back in. From there, you will have many resources to upgrade your character to be stronger.

Great graphics

We believe that you will be impressed with the graphics of Path of Immortals from the first time you open the game. The interface is quite eye-catching and the characters are beautifully designed. When entering the matches, you will be even more surprised because this game has a lot of epic visual effects. From skill effects to colorful battle effects. Smooth animations give players the most accurate and engaging action.

MOD APK version of Path of Immortals

MOD feature

  • God Mode

With this mode, you will definitely win every match with many advantages such as: One hit, increased damage…

Download Path of Immortals MOD APK for Android

Overall, Path of Immortals is a pretty suitable choice for entertainment. This game has extremely attractive high-paced action gameplay. Moreover, its graphics are also quite beautiful with many quality visual effects. In addition, many players choose Path of Immortals because it does not take time to play to increase strength. Idle feature allows you to just play whenever you are free and still speed up the game. Download and try it now!

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