Head Over Heels v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 06/08/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Genius Studio Japan
Package:Google Play Link

Have you ever been in a situation where you were forced to do something you hate? Head Over Heels is an interactive game with such a plot. Our characters are going through the most forgettable days of their lives. Being a smart and discerning person, do you want to help her? Downloading our MOD APK version, you will open up more choices.

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Introduce game Head Over Heels

It seems that the publisher Genius ignored the beautiful and happy storylines from the very beginning. Instead, there are storylines that have a bad start, when the main character is always in trouble. This has been repeated in many recent versions. Head Over Heels is the latest version and has a similar plot. Live interactive gameplay will let you change things up. With your foresight and insight, you can create a happy and beautiful ending. Sit down and join the game now!


From an early age, you have had a special passion for the sport of gymnastics. You have set your sights on getting into a great school early on and hoping to go further. Specifically, you want to be able to compete on professional stages and have reach. But life is ironic, your hope is quickly extinguished. During that bad time, you feel like life seems to have lost all meaning.

Starting over in a new school, things don’t get better either. To get rid of that forgettable past, you have accepted to do everything. Unfortunately, you have gradually fallen into an insidious trap that is difficult to get out of. Left with no choice, you were determined to do things that you previously swore never to do. By trying to get back into the gymnastics team again, can you take yourself and the team to the next level?


Going with the flow of the plot, you need to know what’s going on. In addition to the narration, you can observe the conversations between the characters. Once you have grasped the important factors, you are also faced with difficult choices. After each situation, the system will give you 2 to 3 options. Each choice will take the situation through a completely different direction. Chances are, that choice you make will be the ending point of an entire plot. Choose what you want, however, be smart and think it through!


Hitomi – “Never say never!”

Hitomi is a hard-working and extremely determined athlete. She is someone who never lets failure stop her from pursuing her dreams. She’s not the strongest or the fastest, but she’s definitely the most tenacious. Contact with Hitomi you will quickly realize those things. Those are the things you can learn from a talented athlete.

Sayako – “Just because I make it simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy”

Born into a family of bodybuilders famous throughout the country, but in the world there are not many like Sayako. She is a talented athlete and learns things very quickly. With such a background and talent, it is guaranteed that she can participate in the most prestigious programs… So why did she join an unknown team like this one?

Maddie – “Exercise is my chance to escape…”

Maddie is more talented than anyone you’ve ever seen. Every movement, every look, every flourish that took others years to perfect came naturally to her. She is the envy of those around her. But you realize there’s something holding her back from performing at her best. Talk to Maddie more to find out why!

Interface of the game

Simple, accessible but also colorful, Head Over Heels gives you a perfect interface. The illustrations are animated, gentle and suitable for the plot. The character does not move, but still has a variety of expressions to make it easier for players to enter the mind. Incorporating background music that changes flexibly according to the situation, we believe you will have the best gaming time.

MOD APK version of Head Over Heels

MOD features

  • Free Premium Selection: you don’t need to spend RUBY, we have unlocked all premium selections for free.
  • Important Note: This MOD version is only for Rooted Android devices. Therefore, most of your regular devices cannot install this game.

Download Head Over Heels MOD APK for Android

Head Over Heels is not simply a game, it is also a place where you show your ability to react to situations. It’s also where you write your own story. You can do that because the gameplay interacts with the plot. This is a very popular game today, it has a very strong attraction. If you have never tried a similar game, Head Over Heels will be the perfect choice for the first time. Below is the link to download the APK, you can start right now.

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