Xeno Command v1.3.15 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 09/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.15
MOD Info:Unlocked
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Xeno Command MOD APK is a newly released strategy game that takes you to a meaningful fight in a sci-fi world. You become a hero, lead your army to fight the enemy.

Introduce about Xeno Command

The creator of this game is ChillyRoom, and the game was just released in early August. As you probably already know, ChillyRoom is one of the most famous game studios today. Some of their standout products are Soul Knight and Otherworld Legends. These are the two most prominent games, bringing in great revenue for this developer. And Xeno Command is their latest product, promising to be loved by many players in the near future.

The plot of the game

Coming to the game, you are entering a large fantasy world. Here there are developments in science, machines and aliens. During this period, the galaxy is threatened by the appearance of aliens. They invaded Earth and many other planets. Therefore, we need an army of powerful heroes to fight them.

No one else, that person is you! You are the one chosen to become the leader of an army of powerful heroes. Bring your troops to battle and defeat all enemies. The world can be at peace again or not, depends entirely on your leadership ability. Join Xeno Command now to start the intergalactic war.

Strategic gameplay

Your main task in this game is to summon the heroes, and bring them into the war with the aliens. In each battle, you can use the skills of each character or different weapons and combat units. Depending on the situation of the match and the forces of the enemy, you come up with a suitable fighting solution. This is a strategic war, you have to calculate carefully and have clear plans with each battle.

Character system and equipment

Xeno Command game brings a fairly diverse character system. Each character will have their own skills and fighting abilities. You have to rely on the strengths and weaknesses of each character to get the right strategy when using them. In addition, you also have to use additional support items to strengthen the character. There are many different types of equipment, supporting both offensive and defensive abilities. You can buy items or get them for free when completing quests.

Diverse combat units

Ngoài việc chiến đấu với các kỹ năng của nhân vật, bạn còn được lựa chọn các đơn vị chiến đấu khác mạnh mẽ hơn. Ví dụ như Bots, Thủy quân lục chiến, Lính bay, Tháp Laser và Kho tiếp liệu… Những đơn vị này giúp bạn nhanh chóng đánh bại kẻ thù nhờ sức mạnh tấn công vượt trội. Và chúng cũng góp phần làm cho cuộc chiến trở nên thú vị hơn, đa dạng hơn. Nếu chỉ chiến đấu với nhân vật, có thể người chơi sẽ thấy nhàm chán.

Simple cartoon graphics

In terms of graphics, Xeno Command game does not follow a modern style like today’s strategy games. Instead, it is developed with 2D graphics in a fairly simple cartoon style. All images in the game are designed to be as simple as possible. Even the system of characters, monsters and aliens have a pretty funny appearance. But the character’s skills are still combined with quite vivid light and sound effects.

Play offline

Xeno Command is an offline strategy game. So you can play it anytime. It’s annoying when you have to find a place with internet to play the game like other strategy games. And this game lets you enjoy the experience without an internet connection. That means you don’t need to find where there’s wifi or use mobile data.

Phiên bản MOD APK của Xeno Command

Tính năng MOD


  • The full version of the game is unlocked for free.
  • Developer menu unlocked. To open it, tap the upper left button (the pause menu will open). Then click on the words  Debug  on the bottom right. List of features by sections:
  1. Unnecessary functions – copy the device ID, open the main menu, unlock the full version of the game
  2. Progress. Open all heroes, open all levels
  3. War. Complete the current campaign, complete the current level, +100 and -100 to the main building’s health.

Download Xeno Command MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Xeno Command game brings a new and interesting experience to the strategy game genre. In particular, those who love science fiction will definitely like this game. You can experience the game without an internet connection. And when playing, you are not bothered by ads. Now, you can download Xeno Command MOD APK to start playing the game.

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