Boom Karts v1.41.0 Mod APK (All Cars Unlocked/Free Reward)

Last updated: 22/07/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.41.0
MOD Info:All Cars Unlocked/Free Reward
Package:Google Play Link

Join the Boom Karts game and become the best racer! But in the face of the onslaught of the enemy, can you calmly proceed to the finish line? The race will take place in real time, so you always have to act like crazy. 100% win rate? This will come true if you use our MOD APK version.

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Introduce about game Boom Karts

Boom Karts is the most multiplayer real-time racing game available today. You will compete against many players around the world in online mode. Diverse racing tracks and eye-catching graphics are the big plus points of this game. Make the most of the advantages you have to master every game. Are you ready?

Fast-paced gameplay

This is a feature of racing games. Once in the race you won’t have time to spare. In addition to having to control the car to overcome obstacles, you are also subject to attacks from other players. The pressure of the game is there, and you always have to keep a cool head. You should calmly handle and create many ways to deal with things. Those are the hallmarks of a good racer.

You can also attack other players from the items you have. On the track will constantly appear mysterious gift boxes. Drive your car into them so you get random important items. That includes bombs, soap, chili peppers and many other crazy weapons. Besides, there are items that increase your strength. Those are the things that are necessary for you to be proactive against difficult opponents.

Unlock cars and customize

Collect blueprints to unlock new karts for you! Each kart you unlock has different stats and upgrades. Which kart will be perfect for your driving style? Find your favorite karts by unlocking and changing their appearance!

Stand out from all other players with your epic racing cars. Create your own style using a combination of outfits, accessories and kart skins. Choose from helmets, caps, t-shirts or more to make your car stand out. Then choose your favorite kart skin to join the race. Unlock even more items for you just by playing the game and opening chests. Find a style that suits you and make others remember your image.

Ultimate control skills

Boom Karts has no room for your mistakes! Therefore, practice carefully with the machine before participating in online matches. Every map in this game has many bends and obstacles. Therefore, the Drift skill is extremely important for you to master any situation. However, this skill is not easy to learn, it requires you to have quick hands and high reaction speed.

Boost your power by sustaining long drift and activating nitro boost. It helps you speed up in a short time to get ahead of your opponent. If you are skilled, you can use precise timing to deploy boosters. That way, you can be sure of winning!

Online PvP mode

PvP mode always gives players excitement because of its dramatic level. This is the time for you and the other riders to show their full potential. This is a real-time racing mode, where you will compete with many other players around the world. Your name appearing in the top 10 is the strongest affirmation of your talent. Along with that, the extremely rare rewards in this mode will be the goal that all riders aim for. Don’t let it fall into someone else’s hands, you’re the only one who gets it!

Graphics, sound

Boom Karts is designed with top-notch 3D graphics using modern technologies. The visual effects and racing background are extremely eye-catching. The racing car designs are diverse and stylish, providing many options for players. The realism in graphics is shown through smooth and highly detailed movements. In particular, the sound in the game is something that we absolutely love. The sound of the engine or the sound of the match, the background music makes players always full of inspiration in each race.

MOD APK version of Boom Karts

MOD Features

  • Unlocked All Cars : all the most beautiful and expensive cars in the game have been unlocked
  • Free Gifts : you can receive gifts without watching ads

Download Boom Karts MOD APK for Android

Boom Karts is the most popular online kart racing game available today. Beat your opponents to the podium and claim your talent. Challenge your friends to optional races according to the rules you set ta. For us, this is an extremely attractive game, it is perfect from graphics to gameplay. It’s time for you to show the world what the ultimate racing art is!

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