Last Viking: God of Valhalla v0.31.13 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 30/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.31.13
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:RetroStyle Games UA
Package:Google Play Link

Play as a Viking soldier and build your craft in Last Viking: God of Valhalla MOD APK now! Fight, work to survive, especially you can explore the unique mythology in the Niffelheim universe.

Introducing Last Viking: God of Valhalla

Last Viking: God of Valhalla is a survival game. Set in the Viking era in the history of European countries, the game will lead you to explore many interesting stories and landscapes. This game also combines many other elements such as adventure and action to create variety in gameplay. Building on excellent 3D graphics, you will surely be immersed in the atmosphere of the Viking era in the most realistic way. Now, let’s learn more about this game with us!

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Build a settlement for the Vikings

As a Viking spirit, you need to help your clan have a place to grow. When there is a safe place to live, people can feel free to do other important work. So let’s start by building a settlement for the Vikings. In particular, Valheim’s raids certainly weren’t all that fun. They stalk to plunder resources and manpower in order to become the most powerful empire in this Niffelheim universe. Viking life is also human life, it all depends on you.

Resource gathering

Resources are the most important economic block that you need to protect. With human resources but without resources, you will have nothing to do and develop. So, expand your search and mining to find other important minerals and resources to acquire. You yourself must gather resources and build new facilities yourself. In this land, you can collect a lot of items. Hunting? Definitely important, because you need food to survive. Wild deer will be the freshest meat that you can easily get.

Crafting tools

To exploit resources, you definitely need tools. At first, you are only provided with an ax for chopping wood, a bow for hunting. Later on, you can learn how to make some other useful tools. Especially the gun, it can both fight and hunt. However, you can’t easily learn how to make guns. In the short term, try to develop your Viking empire to be more advanced. From there, you will learn how to make guns in the fastest way.

Once you have enough tools, you can think about making weapons. Make your Viking warriors stronger by crafting armor, weapons and even heavy tools such as cannons, fire levers… A strong empire must possess enough both in terms of economy and battle. fight. Surely, you will have to regularly confront the evil Valheim names.

Do whatever it takes to survive

You are free to do anything, just know you can survive. This game does not follow any specific framework at all. Players are free to do what they like here. But anyway, you should be aware of some factors that cause you to fail. The first is your health stat, which will decrease with your actions. Always make sure you have food to replenish every time the stat is low. Last Viking: God of Valhalla also provides some power-ups to fill this stat instantly. However, they are limited, so it’s best to always make sure to stock up on food.

Another factor is that you must always be vigilant when acting. When you are felling trees, mining or even hunting can be dangerous by Valheim. They are everywhere, because this is a pretty strong empire at the moment. It’s annoying when you’re cutting down a tree and you get hit by a bullet that makes you have to start over. Therefore, being vigilant is an important factor that you need to maintain no matter when, where and what you are doing.


Last Viking: God of Valhalla is built with beautiful 3D graphics. Personally, I think it’s very good for a survival game on mobile. The images are realistic, there are shadow effects and the character’s operation is also quite smooth. Obviously the publisher is also quite focused on developing graphics to help players have a better experience. Diverse viewing angles also give you many ways to see the empire created by yourself.

MOD APK version of Last Viking: God of Valhalla

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Last Viking: God of Valhalla MOD APK latest version for Android

To sum up, Last Viking: God of Valhalla is a survival game worth playing. It’s great in both graphics and gameplay, all of which are addictive. The plot is clear, the features are diverse, so you will always have something to do when participating in this game. Become a brave Viking leader and protect your soldiers. Download the game now and experience it yourself!

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