Samurai of Hyuga 5 v1.0.10 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 05/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.10
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Hosted Games
Package:Google Play Link

Samurai of Hyuga 5 MOD APK is a role-playing game with a very unique gameplay style, giving you a different experience than any other role-playing game.

Introduce about Samurai of Hyuga 5

This game was just released a few days ago by Hosted Games. Accordingly, it is sold at a rather high price, about $ 4.99. Instead of losing money and effort for the paid version, you can choose our Samurai of Hyuga 5 MOD APK. This version is completely free, giving you the full game experience with full content.

Sequel to Samurai of Hyuga series

As the name implies, you can easily see that this is not a completely new game. It is the new version in the series of games of the same name. This is a popular role-playing game series from Hosted Games. It is famous for its novel exploration role-playing style, unlike today’s role-playing games. Previously, this series of games has been released 4 versions. All four versions are loved by many players. Following that success, the developer released Samurai of Hyuga 5. And now, players can continue their adventure with powerful samurai!

The plot of the game

The plot in this fifth part is developed continuously based on the previous installments. After all these years, you continue your adventure as a ronin. You bring the wrath of hell upon the samurai and souls. You have started your dangerous missions to reach the end goal. In the journey, you have to face many dangerous enemies. Even allies can harm you sometimes.

Character selection

The plot in the game is divided into many small parts. In each small story, you are impersonated a different character to explore. Currently the game has up to 20 different character portraits. Each portrait represents a different character. And you can choose a face for your character from those portraits.

Role play and explore

The gameplay of the game Samurai of Hyuga 5 has not changed much compared to the previous parts. You will still be playing a character to start your journey of adventure and discovery. But this is not an adventure in an open world like other RPGs. Instead, you just discover through stories, communication, and reading stories. And this gameplay also has its own attractive points. Therefore, the game was released to the current 5th version.

Phiên bản MOD APK của Samurai of Hyuga 5

MOD feature

  • Unlocked: Side Story Unlocked
  • Paid

Download Samurai of Hyuga 5 MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, the game Samurai of Hyuga 5 still has the same familiar style as the previous 4 parts. However, the plot and content are added quite a lot so you will not be bored. The only thing is that the game has a download fee that makes many players unable to experience it. Not only that, you spend money to buy the game, but after playing, you still have to spend money to buy the “Side story”. But with the Samurai of Hyuga 5 MOD APK, you can experience the entire content in the game. And of course it’s completely free.

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