FAP Goddess v1.80.1206 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 07/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.80.1206
MOD Info:God Mode
Publisher:FUNFIA INC
Package:Google Play Link

FAP Goddess MOD APK is a fantasy fighting action game, combined with extremely attractive puzzle levels. This combo game gives you an unprecedented exciting experience.

Introduce about FAP Goddess

This game was just released not long ago. It is developed by FUNFIA INC and released on the Nutaku platform. You can’t find it on the official Android app stores. So you can only download it on Nutaku’s homepage, or in this article of REDMOD. The version we introduced is FAP Goddess MOD APK with modified features to make it easier for you to experience.

Fascinating storyline

Coming to the game, you are entering a fantasy world with the appearance of angels and demons. You get into a car accident, and when you wake up, you’re lost in a fantasy world. And that’s where your story begins.

Background before the game

This world is ruled by two people, the Sun Goddess and the Moon Goddess. In it, the warmth of Taiyun (Goddess of the Sun) has nourished and developed for all species. In return for that favor, mankind had a great ceremony to worship this sun god. But that made the Moon Goddess feel jealous. Therefore, she summoned the Moon Demon God to appear to destroy humanity.

As a god of peace, Taiyun couldn’t let that happen. She summoned other goddesses who were the bravest to fight the Moon Demon and Moon Goddess. Taiyun and the villagers built a lighthouse, using magic to seal the Demon God. But that has to be traded with the Sun goddess, when she has to transform into a Sun crystal, standing at the top of the lighthouse.

Background in the game

Everything seemed to be peaceful since then. But until now, the Devil of the Moon has risen from the abyss. Once again the human world is in trouble. Therefore, the strongest and the goddesses joined forces to prepare for battle. And they must find a way to summon the Sun Goddess. Only she has the ability to help our army defeat the enemy. In this game, you are the source of energy for female warriors, powerful goddesses. Take command and help them in this war!

Action gameplay combined with puzzles

In terms of gameplay, the game FAP Goddess is combined quite nicely. You will experience the role-playing action gameplay in the style of the screen. You control your goddesses to fight the enemy. But in the meantime, you have to complete the game’s puzzles. Those are familiar match-3-style puzzles. You can easily get used to them and complete them. Your important task is to collect light energy, go to the lighthouse to summon the beautiful Sun Goddess.

Dating the goddesses

In this game, you are the only man that all the goddesses worship. Starting with the female warriors, and finally the Sun Goddess Taiyun. The game allows you to chat and interact with those characters. You can even go on a date with them if you make them feel excited through your chats.

MOD APK version of FAP Goddess

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • DMG x3
  • Enemy doesn’t Attack
  • Enemy doesn’t Move

Download FAP Goddess MOD APK latest version for Android

With a unique combo gameplay, FAP Goddess is being loved by many players. Add to that the beautifully designed visuals. Especially the character creation part, will definitely make you mesmerized by the seductive image of the goddesses. So what are you waiting for, don’t download FAP Goddess MOD APK now to start experiencing it!

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