Kick the Boss v1.1.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 13/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Playgendary Limited
Package:Google Play Link

Kick the Boss MOD APK is an entertaining action game, giving you the freedom to torture a villain. This game can help you relieve stress and fatigue very effectively.

Introducing Kick the Boss

Surely you still remember the game Kick The Buddy or Kick The Buddy Remastered. These are two entertaining games, giving players a sense of satisfaction and joy when playing. They are all released by Playgendary Limited. Those two games give you the freedom to “torture” an emotionless doll. You will feel the satisfaction, when tortured it, an obnoxious doll.

And the Kick the Boss game introduced in this article is also a product of Playgendary Limited. It was just released in early July. Accordingly, this new version still brings familiar action gameplay like Kick The Buddy Remastered. But the novelty here is that you get to torture a new character, with new, more powerful weapons. Are you ready to “relieve stress” with this crazy game?

Contents of the game

In Kick The Buddy, you are tormented an emotionless doll. It doesn’t seem like that’s enough to satisfy you, since that doll doesn’t do anything to upset you. But coming to Kick the Boss, you will have a reason to torment the new character that appears in this game.

The new character appearing here is an obnoxious and cruel Boss. He looks down on everyone, treating everyone else as a failure. Every time he comes to the office, he often yells at his employees. This story is based on real life stories. And are you one of them? Are you disagreeing and frustrated by your Boss? If yes, enter the game now, to torment the cruel and difficult Boss.

Entertaining gameplay, relieving stress

Still familiar gameplay, your only task is to torture and torture the main character in the game. That’s the hateful boss. You can choose any weapon to torture him, make him scared and try to escape. And rest assured, he was severely tortured but never died. No matter what you do, he still has to endure your anger. Use the weapons you like, to unleash tormenting this Boss doll.

With this gameplay, any player will feel satisfied and entertained. It sounds violent, but when playing for real, you will feel interesting, without affecting the psychology. After a hard working day, this game helps you feel more comfortable, no longer stressed and tired.

Brand new weapon system

Kick the Boss brings a diverse weapon system for you to choose from. Rest assured that this arsenal is completely new, unlike in the game Kick the Buddy. The weapons this time are stronger, with higher damage. Thanks to that, the Boss name will be tortured more painfully by you. And that makes you feel refreshed and happy.

Your goal in the game is also to unlock new weapons. You have to complete the boss “torture” missions to get the bonus. From that bonus, you can unlock new weapons. The later, the more powerful and unique the weapons you collect. Create for yourself a massive collection of weapons, to unleash attack on the hateful Boss doll.

A special feature in the game is that each weapon has its own attack power, and has eye-catching effects every time you use it. With unique weapons, you can make the Boss run away like a chicken. And you can scare him away, never insulting you again. In addition, the developer also added many new weapons in the upcoming updates.

Funny cartoon graphics

In terms of graphics, Kick the Boss is developed with 3D cartoon-style graphics. Shaping the main character and weapons are quite eye-catching and funny. During the torture of the Boss doll, he could be thrown everywhere in the room. That makes you feel like you’re doing it directly.

MOD APK version of Kick the Boss

MOD features

Unlimited Money: With big money, you can buy any weapon you want. And you can create a huge collection of weapons, freely tormenting the Boss.

Download Kick the Boss MOD APK latest version for Android

As can be seen, Kick the Boss still owns the familiar gameplay, but players will have completely new experiences. Surely for you, this game can help you entertain and relax effectively whenever you feel stressed or tired. Right here is the link to download Kick the Boss MOD APK game for you, it’s completely free!

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