Stealth Master MOD APK 1.11.6 (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 28/06/2022 (17 hours ago)

Latest Version:1.11.6
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Package:Google Play Link

Stealth Master is a very exciting escape game with a new style of play. You will have to overcome the stray and reach the highest point of the building, then the new task is completed. Join us to explore in detail this great game.

Introducing Stealth Master


In the game, you play as a Ninja with a sharp Katana breaking into buildings. Each frontier will be a floor of the building and you need to pass it all and reach the top floor. With each gate, you will have to overcome the patrol guards. All of them were equipped with a light and a gun. If they see you, they will shoot continuously at you until you run out of blood. Therefore, you need to move flexibly behind them to be safe.

You can also use the Katana to destroy those guards. If in danger, use your sword to deal with them immediately if you do not want the game to be used again. Through each stage, your blood will not be renewed so you need to be very careful.

After passing each level, you will be transferred to the allowance level before reaching the next level. Here you can use the money you earn when destroying guards or picking up along the way to buy the necessary equipment. You can also replenish your blood here when it’s too low. The higher the level the difficulty will increase, so you need to equip with supreme items and flexible moving skills.

Character system

You can choose for themselves the Ninja has favorite color. Not only that, each Ninja has its own skills. For example, the white Ninja has the ability to transform into a pot, helping you avoid guards.


The game is built with simple graphics but it is very eye-catching. The characters are all created in Chipi form, the bright background is very easy to see. The sound in the game is also very good quality and also includes background music. You can also turn on / off background music in the Options menu or turn down the volume.

MOD APK version of Stealth Master

MOD feature

Free Shopping: The increasing difficulty when going to the higher floors makes you need to shop for yourself more powerful equipment. But the amount of money earned through each frontier will be very small and you need to calculate carefully to use the money properly. Now, you do not need a headache about that anymore with the Stealth Master Mod APK version. In this version we have unlocked free shopping, you can buy all the most powerful items to help you overcome the frontier easier, even on the highest and hardest levels.

Download Stealth Master Mod APK for Android

Join the role of the talented Ninja and perform raid missions attractive buildings. Every time you reach the top floor of the building, you will get excited. Download and install Stealth Master Mod APK in the link below.

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