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FNF Indie Cross is an extremely interesting entertainment game that is being loved by many players. In this article, you can learn a little about the game, then download it to experience through the link at the end of the article.

Introducing FNF Indie Cross

This game has the full name of Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross, an entertaining game that is being interested by players around the world. It is developed by a team of capable individuals, not by any single developer behind. Therefore, this game is not released on official platforms.

FNF Indie Cross first appeared in November 2021, and the full version was released in April 2022. This game only supports the PC platform, not the official mobile version. So we’ve created the free version of FNF Indie Cross APK for you.

Inspired by many famous brands

FNF Indie Cross is a general game with many different themes. It is inspired by many different famous brands. These are Cuphead, Undertale, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Untitled Goose Game, Underpants. These are all famous video game brands around the world. And you’ll see familiar characters from those games appear in FNF Indie Cross.


At the beginning of the game, you will see a certain dark space, a bright red gate opens. And our main character appears. After observing his surroundings, he saw another portal appear. This second portal takes him through some familiar lands. In the next scene, he returns to the void, where several other portals are waiting. And just like that, he was taken to various mysterious places.

Our main character in this game is Cuphead. It’s a humanoid figure, with a cup on its head. In that cup there is a white liquid, which is his life force. And his companion is Mugman, Cuphead’s brother. In addition, you can also meet many other familiar characters in this game.

Game mechanics

FNF Indie Cross game is divided into many different Weeks for you to conquer. Each Week will have its own levels, challenges and levels for you. Those are extremely interesting music wars. You have to beat your opponent by completing the tracks. Each level, you enjoy different music.

The gameplay mechanics are quite simple. You can get used to it easily, but mastering and completing all the challenges is very difficult. In each musical match, you must press the arrows in the direction of up, down, left, right in the order that appears on the screen. Only when you press the arrows in the correct order will the track complete. If you miss too many arrows, or click in the wrong direction, you will gradually be defeated by your opponent. The speed at which the arrows appear is getting faster and faster, requiring you to observe quickly and react quickly.

Graphics and sound

FNF Indie Cross game is developed with cartoon style 2D graphics. You can easily see the familiar shapes in this game. Because those are all characters from famous classic games.

In addition, there are integrated sound effects for players to experience the game more vividly. And the songs in the game are also extremely important. Each level, each screen you can enjoy different music. Each track has its own melody, extremely fun and addictive for players.

APK version of FNF Indie Cross


Ported: As mentioned, this game is not released on the mainstream app stores. And it also has no official mobile version. So you can only download the experience via our version of FNF Indie Cross APK. This version is adapted from the original for PC, inheriting all the best of the original.

It is safe?

Since the FNF Indie Cross game is not officially released, it can only be installed with the APK file, so many players are worried about this APK file. With the FNF Indie Cross APK that REDMOD provides, it is completely harmless. We’ve checked them thoroughly before posting for you to choose from. However, if you download a game from another website, we cannot guarantee that the APK file is safe for your device.

Download FNF Indie Cross APK latest version for Android

FNF Indie Cross brings a new and unprecedented gameplay. You will experience dramatic musical matches, requiring quick reflexes. Download now FNF Indie Cross APK to your phone to start experiencing it.

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