Egg, Inc v1.32.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 23/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.32.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Auxbrain Inc
Package:Google Play Link

Are you ready to be the largest supplier of chicken eggs in the world? Download Egg, Inc MOD APK, you can open a huge chicken farm. This clicker game will give you moments of relaxation and comfort while looking at the farm created by yourself.

Introduce game Egg, Inc

Egg, Inc MOD APK is a classic and familiar clicker game. Most games use simulation element to bring many unique features. Egg, Inc. features crisp and colorful 3D graphics of a chicken farm. At a glance, you can see that this is a light, comfortable and relaxing game. But actually, it is very addictive with this exciting simulation gameplay. Are you ready to join the egg craze and become rich?

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Build a chicken farm of your dreams

Build a chicken farm

We have introduced to you the dog breeding simulation game – DogLife: BitLife Dogs. When it comes to Egg, Inc., you must determine that you have to develop a large-scale farm. So you need to start building the essential facilities right now. Initially, you can aim to create the first chicken coops. Then you should build egg storage, the best egg preservation facilities. When raising the number of chickens many times over, you can open up more storage and storage to serve to provide production.

Once you have the economy, you can start upgrading your facilities. Click where you want to upgrade and spend money to improve them. With more modern equipment, you can store more eggs and store them easily. Always remember, you should focus on upgrading important facilities first such as chicken coops, storage and storage. If it’s economical, you should think about building side projects.

Business strategy

More experienced clicker players will enjoy the outstanding gameplay and depth created by the different play styles needed throughout the game. To achieve your ultimate goal of having a huge egg farm with great value, you will need to balance strategies across and make the best use of your time. Obviously, if you have a specific strategy, your work will be much more effective. Do business and raise livestock logically and think, don’t act on emotions!

The herd of chickens

In Egg, Inc, you can choose from a variety of chickens to raise. Each type will have different egg characteristics, so breeding is also quite complicated. Expensive chickens will produce large eggs per crop, but raising is quite simple. Therefore, many players choose to buy them, even if the economy is still limited. They don’t have much time to take care of, but they still produce an amazing amount of eggs. You should also raise several types of chickens at the same time because the traders buy quite a variety of eggs. That way you can deliver all of their orders with ease.

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Upgrading facilities and modern equipment for the farm

Hundreds of missions, challenges every day

You always have something to do every day! Hundreds of quests are waiting for you to complete and receive valuable rewards. Most importantly, you can get a lot of exp to increase your level. You will unlock many new chicken breeds, new facilities… Thanks to that, you can speed up the process of expanding your chicken farm. The tasks are also extremely simple, it revolves around your daily work of livestock. Feed the chickens in quantity, harvest a certain amount of eggs or any other related work.

In addition to the daily quests, you can participate in the big event of the week. This is a task completed in 7 days, so the value of the reward is even more attractive. If you are a talent manager, you can complete them in one day. These major events are also meeting places for many other managers around the world. You can see the competition rankings to motivate you to work harder.


You don’t have to do everything, hire employees to do it for you. Small jobs such as driving, taking care of chickens, managing warehouses… are performed by professional staff. You just need to earn contracts, manage the farm and do whatever you want: research roses, space exploration. Indeed, Egg, Inc offers these extra features for players to have more to explore. In particular, your employees will still work even when you are not online. For each job, you need to assign employees appropriately so that they can maximize their capacity.

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Is this your dream farm?

3D graphics

Egg, Inc is presented with sharp and colorful 3D graphics of a beautiful chicken farm. Shading technology will make the game more realistic than ever. You will often have to laugh when you see the lovely chickens running in groups to the coop. The graphic design of this game is aimed at comfort and lightness, so no special visual effects are applied. Coming to Egg, Inc, you will always feel the relaxing moments when looking at your chicken farm.

MOD APK version of Egg, Inc

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Installation Instructions

  • First, uninstall the original version of the game if you have it installed before;
  • Allow “Unknown sources” so that the APK file can be installed on your phone;
  • Download the APK file below our article;
  • Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”;
  • The process is complete, you can open the game and experience the MOD version.


Can I play Egg, Inc MOD APK on PC?

Yes. First, you need to download Android emulators to your computer. We can recommend a few suitable emulators such as NOX, LD Player or Memu Play. Then, download the APK file below, drag it to the emulator to install. This game does not require root, so you can open the experience right after the installation is complete.

Does the Egg, Inc MOD APK version update itself according to Google Play?

Is not. The MOD APK version is a completely different server from the version on Google Play. Therefore, you cannot update on the store instead. To update to the new version, you can visit our website – and download the correct version. We always try to bring you the MOD version that coincides with the latest version on the Google Play store.

How to use MOD in Egg, Inc?

After downloading our MOD APK version and installing it on your phone, you can immediately experience the MOD. When opening the game, you will find yourself provided with more than 1 billion golden eggs. You can freely shop, upgrade, expand your farm (Golden eggs are items purchased with cash).

Download Egg, Inc MOD APK for Android

Not only an entertaining game, Egg, Inc MOD APK also gives you a lot of knowledge about breeding, especially chicken farming. With 3D graphics, you will clearly feel about a realistic chicken farm in every detail. Many other players have enjoyed the comfortable feeling of downloading this game. Take your free time to build a great chicken farm and explore all the exciting content in Egg, Inc!

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