SAKURA School Simulator v1.042.03 Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Item Unlocked)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.042.03
MOD Info:Unlimited Money/Item Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

SAKURA School Simulator is an exciting and engaging school game. You can do whatever you want. Without following a rule, this game allows you to freely explore. Do you want to be a good student or a special student of the school? Our MOD APK version will bring you many benefits, take advantage!

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Introduce game SAKURA School Simulator

This can be called a breakthrough game in terms of gameplay. It allows you to do whatever you want: mess, date, make friends, fight … All are inspired by real life, creating a unique experience for the player. Realism is even more pronounced with high-quality 3D graphics. Enter the game SAKURA School Simulator, you are like living in your other world.


Throughout the game, you will participate in a rather complex life in the school world. What experiences will a large and prestigious school give you? You can choose for yourself 1 of 2 ways to play: make friends and find a lover or enjoy a brilliant school life. Each way of playing has its own fun, experience it the way you like it!

Play with 4 different characters

You can flexibly change 1 of 4 characters: Girl, Boy, Little Girl and Little Boy. However, to be able to open the last 2 characters you need to see the ad. This doesn’t take too long so you can watch for a bit. With these characters, you can change their appearance. Change hair color, eye color, face details … You just need to go to Menu and select the character to change to enter the custom interface. Create a character with the same style as you to create the feeling of yourself in this game.

Real gameplay

First, the realism shown through the game’s graphics. A school with full amenities and detailed design for each device, each classroom. 3D graphics with diverse colors created the scene and everything around it very real.

In the game, the time is calculated by 24 hours like real life but the speed will be a bit faster. However, the activities of the day are very rules and comply with the time. For example, in school, at 8:40 a.m., there will be Chinese class, 10 o’clock there will be Computer class … You need to arrive on time according to the school’s schedule. Otherwise, you will be penalized and your bad score will increase. Or if you roam the school grounds during school hours, you will be chased and handled according to regulations. As such, you need to play this game in the way that you actually go to school in school.

Finally, the detailed actions of the character create the realism of the game. Actions such as sitting, running, punching … are very smooth, without the stiffness of the character. It can be seen that the publisher pays great attention to the truthfulness of every detail of the game.

Do whatever you want

Although SAKURA School Simulator still has missions that need to be completed, you are still free to do everything. Without being in class on time, you can do better things. In one day, there are many things you can discover. Not only inside the school, but the outside life is also very interesting. Making friends, making acquaintances and finally finding a lover, is a free life what you want? On the contrary, if you want to experience the game in a light way, you can enter school on time, complete all tasks and experience a true school life. Everything depends on how you play!

Defeat enemies through simulator

In this game, you will have many ways to defeat opponents. First, you need to borrow a weapon from YAKUZA’s office. If you have a weapon, you can easily take down all opponents. However, if you want to defeat them without a weapon, use the “Attack” button to take them down one by one.

There is no description of each character’s HP in this game. Although the HP bar is still present, the character will only be stunned. This is essential for a school game. Say no to death, SAKURA School Simulator shows the humanity in it. All reuse only at the level of conflict and fighting. Those you have taken down, they will wake up the next morning. However, you will have to get a “hate” point from them. You can see how many people you hate through the “angry” icon on the screen.

The game has no end

The time in SAKURA School Simulator is endless, you will experience each exciting day in it. The top of the screen will show the time of day and the number of days you have spent. Because tasks revolve around life, you always have something to do. The game is over only if you delete the game. Quests are refreshed every day and are endless.


Yen – Japanese currency is something you can earn in the game. There are many ways to earn money such as: helping others, completing quests … Use this money to buy necessary items for yourself. Besides, you can buy clothes, items, accessories. Especially buy gifts for someone you love if you find your partner in the game. With a variety of clothes in the store, you can mix for yourself a unique style.


The location in the game revolves around the school, hospital, police station and the home of 4 characters. However, if you go deep in, each of these locations will have countless small areas to explore. Especially the school with more than 20 small places such as classrooms, swimming pools, gymnasiums … You just need to click on the Menu to see all the places you can go to. Choose a destination and you will be teleported to that location immediately.


The 3rd perspective allows you to observe all the actions of the character. In addition to the 360-degree movement button on the left side of the screen, the right side will provide actions like running, jumping, flying, and attacking. Flight feature allows you to cross any terrain to move to the position you want as quickly as possible. You can also rotate the camera to see the character from any angle.


As mentioned above, this game is built on realistic 3D graphics to every detail. You will see a colorful and familiar school world. The character’s actions are smooth, easy to move with controls designed to fit the phone screen. Besides, the background sound is easy to hear and soothing, but also more vibrant depending on the situation, making for a perfect game.

Phone request

This game has quite a few requirements for your phone. For a smooth experience, your phone needs at least:

  • RAM is above 3GB and on Snapdragon 820
  • The application uses a lot of CPU, you need to turn off unnecessary applications

Nếu thiết bị của bạn không đáp ứng thông số kỹ thuật này , trò chơi này không hoạt động trơn tru.
“Lagging”, “Shutdown”, “Low Memory Problem” will occur during your experience. If these problems occur right after you start the game, restart the game or device. Change the “hide character” setting to reduce the profile for smoother gameplay.

MOD APK version of SAKURA School Simulator

MOD feature

  • Unlock All Clothes
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

To be able to use this MOD version, you need to uninstall the original version if you have it installed. Then, download our APK file below and install it on your phone.


Does SAKURA School Simulator need root to run?

Are not. SAKURA School Simulator has only a few phone requirements as RAM is larger than 3GB. You don’t need to root your phone to run this game. This is a plus, as rooting your phone is quite complicated.

Why am I watching the ad still not unlocked character in SAKURA School Simulator?

Chances are you escaped halfway through, when the ad has not finished running yet. Therefore, you need to see all the ads before the effect will be activated. Or you can use the MOD version of to be able to experience the game without ads.

How can I answer questions in SAKURA School Simulator?

The “Help” button with a question mark icon contains all information about the content of this game. The questions also revolve around the content of the game. So you can search for the answer in this section.

Reviews from users

This game gives players a simulated world so it has attracted a lot of installs on Google Play. At the same time, it also received a lot of positive feedback from the players. Here are a few of those countless reviews:

“Okay, I love love, love this game so much! It’s definitely worth getting and the best school game out there. The only thing I want to say is please make the hair colors brighter. Gold looks really dull and has a hint of green and white is dark silver. Other colors look good but let’s make the yellow look better. “

“I really like this game but I have a few suggestions. More clothes, more furniture and food on props, more people, especially kids, more dialogue because of it. very repetitive. “

“This app doesn’t take up too much space, which is great. But the price comes at the size of the map; although it doesn’t affect gameplay, I can easily compare it to other players. Another game. “

“SO AWESOME! I absolutely love this game! I’m playing it everyday! There’s so much I can do! This game has its own appeal, and it’s PERFECT game for me.”

Download SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK for Android

SAKURA School Simulator brings you a whole new school world. The content is diverse, there is no end to help you do many things in this game. Enjoy 2 game modes like 2 distinct personalities: rebellious and gentle. What attribute are you, show it in this game!

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