Code:Replicant v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Point)

Last updated: 16/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Point
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Genius Inc
Package:Google Play Link

In today’s post, REDMOD continues to introduce a simulation game of Genius Studio, which is Code: Replicant. It is still a familiar otome-style simulation game, definitely giving you an extremely interesting experience.

Introducing Code:Replicant

Code:Replicant was released not too long ago. It is developed with a long storyline, allowing players to directly immerse themselves in the main character to explore. The story in this game is a love story with thrilling and captivating content. A familiar gameplay, familiar image, but definitely gives you a new and not boring experience.

Interesting story

Participating in the game, you play the role of a girl and discover mysterious stories. During a kidnapping, you are rescued by three unknown men. In an instant, you are transported to a world of cutting-edge science and sublime. You are overwhelmed by what happens here.

At that time, you already know the faces of the three guys who saved you. Those are handsome guys with a look that will fascinate any girl. Of course, you are also captivated by their beauty, partly because they saved you from kidnapping. In those 3 guys, each has its own beauty. In particular, they all have their own mysterious stories, waiting for you to discover.

Main character system

A-15 – The Perfect Soldier

He is a strong man and has the ability to fight like an assassin. The A-15 can master all kinds of weapons. And importantly, he has a top-notch tactical mind. Therefore, others consider him a powerful weapon. Outwardly, A-15 is a cold and quiet person. But for you, he is willing to do anything, even sacrifice his life to protect you. He is not cold inside, you need to discover his true self.

C-02 – The Lost Boy

This is a guy with a rather arrogant personality. He is very responsive and has a playful spirit. But C-02 is also a very good fighter and infiltrator. He always felt he was the strongest and was always happy about it. But inside he always feels lonely because he has not found the love of his life. Until you show up, C-02 wants to get your affection and marry him. Are you ready to relieve this guy’s loneliness?

Andrew – Spy

All three of them are credited with saving you so you trust all three of them. Including Andrew, a guy with a very unpredictable interior. At first, you are very trusting and friendly with him. But after a while, you discover his true identity, that of a spy. Andrew is living a double life. Is it an evil mission? Is he cheating on you? And it’s up to you to decide whether to continue trusting Andrew or sever the relationship?

Play your way

Still the familiar gameplay, Code:Replicant gives you the freedom to explore the game and play it your way. You can decide your own future through making choices and decisions. And of course, each of your choices will lead you to a different direction of the plot. And in the game, there are many details that need you to make a decision. Thus, the ending of the story is unpredictable. And you can replay the game multiple times to get different endings.

Which decision to choose when playing depends on the goals you set. To achieve your goal, you need to think carefully to choose the right way. The right choices help you go in the right direction, achieve your goal of conquering a certain character, or learn the secret of one of those 3 guys…


Code:Replicant is developed with 2D graphics background nothing special. It is still designed in the familiar Anime style. Such visual style has created the trademark for the otome simulation game genre. And most Genius Studio games are designed like that. The highlight of the image in the game comes from shaping the character system in the game. Those characters have extremely attractive shapes, more beautiful than in Anime movies.

MOD APK version of Code:Replicant

MOD features

Free Points: You can get free points without watching ads. Thanks to this feature, it doesn’t take you long to get the reward.

Download Code:Replicant MOD APK latest version for Android

Just changing the plot, Genius Studio continues to bring an extremely attractive simulation game. Although each of their games has the same gameplay, the experience of each game has its own uniqueness. Because the most important factor is the plot. Therefore, Code: Replicant is an otome game that you should not miss. In addition, you can play a few other Genius games such as: Hack My Love, Pierced by Love.

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