House Flipper v1.384 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.384
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:PlayWay SA
Package:Google Play Link

House Flipper is a very HOT simulation game on PC recently. In the game, you will clean and design the interior of the house by yourself to serve regardless of the purpose of use. With beautiful 3D graphics, you will experience the feeling of a true engineer. Now, House Flipper comes out for a phone version with similar graphics and content. If you have never tried the PC version before, find out with us in the article below.

Introducing House Flipper

Cleaning, interior decoration

You will start with an empty room or house, without any appliances. Now, you need to start up an idea and use the available items to create a satisfying space. The house will probably have a few small errors like peeling paint, dirt … you need to use tools to fix it. You can also repaint the house in your favorite color and suitable for the purpose. If an object doesn’t like it, it’s just one touch to make it disappear.

Complete orders and tasks

During the design process, you will be given a few small tasks, complete it to receive items. These tasks do not follow a certain system but they will appear randomly. Oh! There is a stain on the wall! Let’s make it go away! These quests will earn you in-game money and experience. You will quickly level up and unlock and upgrade widgets.

Repair system, decoration

House Flipper owns more than 500 lovely decorations and interiors. These items will gradually be unlocked according to the player’s level. Of course, once unlocked, you will need money to be able to buy them. Complete as many missions as possible to earn the most money. The tools can also be upgraded to be more advanced. For example, from a mop to a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. When you have more and more upgraded tools, the completion of a house will be very quick.

Buy, sell, decorate

In addition to completing quests to do business, you can also make a lot of profit from selling your home. Renovate an old house so it looks cleaner and more eye-catching and negotiate prices with real estate agencies. Repeating this mechanism over and over will help you earn a large amount of economy to serve other purposes.

Realistic 3D graphics

House Flipper is loved also because the graphics and images are quite good. You also don’t need to worry about the reduced graphics of the phone version compared to the PC version. The objects around are extremely realistic and you can interact with them. You can move or remove any objects you see. This is also a pretty big plus, attracting players of House Flipper.

MOD APK version of House Flipper

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: If you feel the upgrade and make money in the game for too long, please use our MOD version. House Flipper MOD APK version, fully unlock in-game items and unlimited money. You can upgrade to the maximum of widgets and buy them comfortably.

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Download House Flipper MOD APK for Android

Unleash your creativity to design a luxurious, comfortable and eye-catching home. The operational control in this mobile version will not be as flexible as on a PC. Therefore, House Flipper will support gamepad for smoother control. The interface is also designed to suit the phone screen, ensuring the functions are streamlined. To download and install, please click on the link below.

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