Home Design : My Lottery Dream Home v1.6.08 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.6.08
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Anyone who wants to have for themselves a dream home with great design, desired color. And by handing over the design task entirely to the designer, you won’t be satisfied at all. So why don’t you design your own home with your own style? If you find it too difficult, please join Home Design: My Lottery Dream Home game to get acquainted with the design of your house.

Introducing Home Design : My Lottery Dream Home

Home Design: My Lottery Dream Home is a game designed for those who love interior design. This game was released by CookApps, a well-known developer for design games. They have released many famous game series such as My Home Design, Home Design, … And Home Design: My Lottery Dream Home is the latest installment created by CookApps.

Design your own dream home

Join the game, you will become a professional designer with beautiful houses. Your task is to complete the work of completing the unfinished house. It’s your home, you can design it in your own style. Of course, you design based on the suggestions available to every detail in the house, not design each interior.

You will start your creation with the rooms in the house. After that, there will be auxiliary facilities such as backyard, front yard, swimming pool area, amusement park, … Each place needs to be designed with luxurious beauty by you. Choose the subject color for the house, then the colors to decorate the house to come alive. You can be completely assured of the items and interior decoration in the house. They are inspired by famous designs, bring elegance and attract all eyes.

Images in the game

The gameplay of Home Design: My Lottery Dream Home is not new to the same genre. However, what we appreciate about the game is the visuals. This is also an important factor, loved by many players. The game is designed with high quality 3D images. The most important thing is that the details and the interior of the house are shaped very authentically, with a modern style. Every color tone in the game stands out, like futuristic houses!

MOD APK version of Home Design : My Lottery Dream Home

Unlimited Money: When you use gold and diamonds to spend, that amount will increase, not decrease as usual. Thanks to that, the amount and diamonds you have will be more and more. And your job in this game is simply to design the most beautiful house, no longer worry about money.

Important Note: You need to disconnect from the network you are using for the MOD version to work

Download Home Design : My Lottery Dream Home MOD APK for Android

There are many home design games with many different themes, each with its own appeal. And Home Design: My Lottery Dream Home is the same. It allows you to become a professional designer without going through any courses. Especially, those who are studying interior design will have the opportunity to challenge their design profession. Download Home Design: My Lottery Dream Home MOD APK to experience this great game now.

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