Chapters: Interactive Stories v6.5.6 Mod APK (Frozen Tickets)

Last updated: 11/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.5.6
MOD Info:Frozen Tickets
Publisher:Crazy Maple Studio
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Chapters: Interactive Stories is a game that directly interacts with the story. This game brings you countless interesting storylines that are updated every week. More than that, there are all kinds of favorite stories like love, fantasy, science fiction … Choose any story you like and change it!

Maybe: Interactive Stories also has many engaging stories and similar gameplay.

Introduce game Chapters: Interactive Stories

Each book in Chapters: Interactive Stories brings attractive stories. This is a game to help you explore other aspects of yourself. Do you fit in with the attitude of a princess? Can you do jobs that you have never thought of before? Coming to Chapters: Interactive Stories, you are like living a new life, a new position. More specifically, you can decide for yourself the end.

Create the right character

Create a look that suits the character you are about to play. You can choose from the suggested eye styles, hairstyles, hair colors, outfits. Alternatively, you can design your own outfits from the store’s available samples. Create a late secretary with a business suit or a princess with blonde hair, big eyes and gorgeous dress. With each new character you are about to play in, you can create a suitable look.

Currently, Chapters: Interactive Stories allows players to select only female characters. This is really inconvenient for many others. However, the publisher will add it quickly in the upcoming update. To be the first to experience, you should regularly visit

Variety of genres

This game differs from the usual interactive titles in the number of stories. While other games revolve around a main storyline, Chapters: Interactive Stories has a collection of diverse genres. From romance to drama, comedy and science fiction, you can find many books for you here.

New stories are continuously updated every week to bring players. Chapters: Interactive Stories are constantly evolving to become the world’s No. 1 interactive game. The publisher’s goal is clear as they create their own community and are receiving a lot of interactions every day. There, you can contribute ideas, stories or any other element that makes Chapters: Interactive Stories increasingly complete.

Some favorite storylines

Until now, Chapters: Interactive Stories owns a huge bookstore with countless interesting stories. Below we will introduce some of the most popular stories today.

Billionaire’s Next Door – The number 1 bestseller New York Times & Wall Street Journal

Your new neighbor – Tag Crane just moved in, he’s a pretty handsome guy. Through a few small parties together, you find out he is a billionaire. He is always the focus of every party. As he heads and runs a luxury hotel chain, he often travels everywhere. So what happens when he wants to bring you along? Do you soften your heart in front of this magnanimous billionaire?

Vampire Girl – Best-selling book in the USA

You and your mother are sealed by the demon of darkness. Now, the 7 Hellish Princes have come to collect the sealed souls. The fate of your mother’s soul hangs in the balance. In such critical times, what will you do to save your mother and yourself? One of the Seven Princes seems to notice and find ways to seduce you. Should you use him to save your mother? Will you really love him in the future?

Kidnapping The Princess – The best LGBT series

Your life is on the busiest day series. During the day, you are one of the most sought-after supermodels in the city. This job is quite smooth and gives you a stable life. However, at night you work for an adulterous group of kidnappers. One day, you discover your group has captured the country’s sole heir. Will you play the heroine to rescue her or continue to be a villain?

The Boy I Hate – Unexpected romantic story

To attend the wedding of your best friend, you had to drive hard from California to New York. During the party, you are fascinated by her best friend’s brother, Tristan. He’s someone every girl wants to usurp. What would you do to impress Tristan? Can you two get together smoothly?


This is the game’s first original story. A somewhat modern story, but the plot is quite classic. The story is about ROBIN HOOD, the police guarding the Sherwood forest. Resources here are being consumed by thieves. You will join and accompany ROBIN HOOD! Will a fantasy adventure have a good end?


Based on the lines of the characters, you have to predict what will happen next. From there, make the choices that you think are reasonable. After each situation, you will have 2 to 3 choices. Each choice is a different happenings. Therefore, how the game ends will be up to you to decide.

This game has a multitude of different endings. You can experience it many times to enjoy all of those endings. Just another choice could make the next move in a new direction. That is also the fun of this game.

Game interface

Chapters: Interactive Stories gives you a new perspective on the novel. No longer are the pages of books that are all text, you will enjoy the story through specific images. The dialogue accompanying pictures will help you more easily visualize. Light and eye-catching interface will give players the greatest comfort.

MOD APK version of Chapters: Interactive Stories

MOD feature

  • Frozen Tickets

Note: The MOD version may be banned depending on the device used. If it happens, use an app that can create a different parallel space with your original device. Offer – App Cloner.

Reviews from users

Here are some of the user reviews about this game. You can refer to to see many things about this number one interactive game.

“This game is great and worth to play. Nice graphics, cool backgrounds. Diamonds and tickets are definitely an issue and I hope the developer gives more free. Because there are options. It costs around 17 Diamonds but I don’t have that much. Hope the publisher will accept my opinion. “

“The game has many good chapters, but it takes a lot of diamonds to play as you wish. If you only watch the ads, until the full story. The diamond purchase price is too high for me. quests to get diamonds or complete chapters to get diamonds. If so, it might attract more players. “

“This game is so perfect! Great stories, thank you very much for making this game. I will always support you and give you a 5-star rating.”

“I was really impressed by the story library of this game. Each book is a fascinating story and I have read three books in one time. This interactive gameplay allows me to change the story in many ways. If there are more free diamonds, I will definitely recommend this game to my friends. “

Download Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK for Android

Choose any book in Chapters: Interactive Stories for you to write down your path in each story. Read pages of fun stories and interactions that match your mood, from romance to suspense. Attractive, engaging stories selling well in the USA will make you unable to take your eyes off. The interactive stories will offer a unique and fun twist to choose from in your own story adventures. Whether you are someone who likes to read drama, comedy, fantasy, science fiction, a young adult, romantic, or even a gamer, you will enjoy making your choice in this story game. This work!

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