Bucket Crusher v1.3.32 Mod APK (No Ads, Free Gifts)

Last updated: 25/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.32
MOD Info:No Ads, Free Gifts
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Bucket Crusher MOD APK is an extremely interesting simulation game. It only has a single game mode, but enough to make you feel excited, even addictive.

Introduce about Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher is a new product from Voodoo. As you know, they are one of the top famous entertainment game developers in the world. Their games share a common style, which is simple but extremely addictive. Coming to Bucket Crusher, too, you will experience exciting simulation gameplay, bringing satisfaction to you. Currently, this game is in the top 1 in the Simulation game category. It certainly won’t let you down.

Addictive simulation gameplay

The gameplay of Bucket Crusher is extremely simple. Your only task in this game is to control the crusher to break the walls. Each level of the game requires you to destroy a solid wall. You have to skillfully control the crusher to complete the mission. After breaking everything, you get a sense of satisfaction about it. It sounds ridiculous, but try playing the game, you will definitely feel the same.

This special gameplay of the game can help you relieve stress and fatigue. Whenever you are stressed, you just need to play a few minutes to improve your mood.

Upgrade stats

The level of the game becomes increasingly difficult later on. The walls are getting bigger, higher and stronger. So you have to upgrade your crusher. This is a must, otherwise you won’t be able to complete the levels. Here are the important stats that you need to upgrade:

  • Size: The size of the saw blade for you to break larger area.
  • Fuel: The amount of fuel in the machine is very important, if you do not upgrade, you will not have enough fuel and time to break the wall.
  • Length: The length of the ladle. The walls are getting bigger and bigger, the bucket needs a longer extension tube to break them all.
  • Power: Stronger walls need the most powerful machines possible. So, you should upgrade the power of your crusher.

You need to note that you have to upgrade all the above stats. Because any indicator is important.

Unlock new skins

In addition to upgrading stats, you need to unlock new skins. Your crusher can change to unique skins. It can be types like Basic, Candy, Plant… and many new types are waiting for you to unlock. And of course, the new skins will have a new look and greater power than the old one.

Images and sounds

The image in the game Bucket Crusher is designed to be extremely simple. The entire image in the game only has a crusher, and walls. But those walls are specially designed, like statues. These statues are shaped like fruits, famous statues, …

Sound is an important part of the success of this game. That’s the sound of the engine, the sound when you break the walls, the statue. It’s just the sound of breaking, but it can make you feel fulfilled and amused.

MOD APK version of Bucket Crusher

MOD features

  • No Ads
  • Free Gifts: You can get free gifts without watching ads!

Download Bucket Crusher MOD APK latest version for Android

With simple but addictive gameplay, Bucket Crusher can keep you entertained and relaxed at any time. Especially in times of stress, this game can help you feel happier. Or you can play games while waiting for the bus, take a break between working hours… With Bucket Crusher MOD APK version, you can experience the game comfortably without being bothered by ads!

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