TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem APK v1.8.1 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 23/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.8.1
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:S.G.Arts Ltd.
Package:Google Play Link

TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem APK is a unique turn-based role-playing game that both lets you fight your enemies and date the female warriors in your harem.

Introduce about TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem

Currently, players often choose role-playing games with dating elements. Because the usual role-playing games are too boring. And traditional dating games don’t have the same appeal as role-playing games. So the combination of both factors is extremely wonderful. So TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem is loved by many players thanks to its attractive gameplay. This is a product of the developer SGArts Ltd. You cannot find the game on Google Play or AppStore, but can only be downloaded from our article.

The plot breaks all the rules

Usually, role-playing games let you become a hero with a mission to save the world. But this gameplay seems to be too boring for every gamer. So the game TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem will be a great choice for you. The game allows you to explore a completely opposite storyline compared to other role-playing games.

Join the game, you are role-playing a strongest Archdemon of hell. Your name is Caesar, who has many ambitions to destroy the world. If you do not know, the Archdemon is a demon, the most powerful spiritual entity in hell. And you start the war with the demon realm, the human realm, and even the heaven realm. You want to conquer this world, everyone must submit to you.

As the strongest demon in hell, no one can defeat you. You can easily defeat humans, elves, dwarves, princesses, generals, angels or even demons others. So you are the ruler of this world, you can do whatever you want!

Turn-based role-playing gameplay

With your power, you can easily collect beautiful girls in your harem. They not only possess beauty but also have strong fighting ability. Therefore, coming to each place, you do not need to directly fight, but control the characters in your harem to fight the enemy.

The battle will be turn-based between your characters and the enemy. You need to arrange a suitable squad before entering the match. While the fight goes on, you just need to choose your character and character skills. At that time, the warriors will automatically fight. If your tactics and arrangement are right, you will win.

Character system and equipment

TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem offers a fairly diverse character system for you to choose from. It could be goddesses, humans or demons. They are all hot girls. But their fighting skills were second to none. In addition, there is a system of items and weapons for you to equip your character with. Those have the ability to increase stamina and increase attack damage.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, the game TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem is not too popular. Because the quality of the game is only 2D average. But the game attracts players in the character creation part. The girls in the game are extremely cute anime style and attractive body. Each character has a different appearance, different hairstyle, hair color, and fashion. Even the facial expressions of each character give them their own personality.

Another impressive point of the game is the background music. You will find cheerful Anime-style background music in all circumstances of the game. When fighting will have its own background music, when in the standby screen also has its own music and when dating, it is romantic music…

Download TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem APK latest version for Android

TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem is really a unique RPG that you should try. It is highly appreciated by players for both gameplay and visuals. If the game was designed with 3D graphics, it would probably be much better. Don’t take any more of your time, here’s the link to download the game TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem APK for you!

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