Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online v1.7.82.30601 Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Energy)

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Sci-fi movies always bring excitement to anyone. Surely you also want to once experience the leading scientific and technological weapons of the future. So come to Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online, your wish will come true. The BEST SPACE ACTION RPG is officially released. You will be amazed by its beautiful 3D graphics and simple yet captivating gameplay. If you have not yet imagined how wonderful this is, follow the article below.

Besides, we also send you the MOD version of Star Conflict Heroes. You can experience the game more easily, please consider using!

Introduce game Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online

Command and expand your spaceship fleet in Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online – a sci-fi action RPG. Explore a vast, story-rich universe, collect new spaceships and upgrade their unique abilities. Fight pirates, aliens and players in thrilling real-time tactical battles! Not only attractive in gameplay, super quality 3D graphics are the factors that make this game great.


Collect spaceships

The system of this game currently has more than 80 different spacecraft. The strength of each boat fee will depend on its rarity. To own a spaceship, you need to collect enough pieces of it. For example, the Reaper only needs 10 pieces, the Snow Fox needs 30 pieces, the Ax needs 80 pieces and the highest one, the Inverter needs 150 pieces. You can find them at shops, quests or mystery gift boxes. Each spacecraft has different skills. You need to upgrade them to unlock 2nd skill. You can also view the spaceship’s stats details by clicking on them.

Spaceships will get stronger if you collect equipment for them. Each spacecraft can carry 9 types of equipment. You can earn equipment through combat and quests. To be able to carry more equipment, spacecraft need to reach level 8.


The upgrade system will unlock as you pass mission 20. Here, you can upgrade your spaceship’s star count. This will help the spacecraft to increase its overall stats sharply. The maximum number of stars that can be reached is 5 stars. To upgrade, you need its blueprints just like you did when unlocking them, but you will need more.

Fiction action

The battle is dramatic in the map in the context of outer space. Build a complete squad, up to 50 spaceships maximum. Start the battle with 3 spaceships each turn until it is completely destroyed. Use your skills on enemies to defeat them. Touch the skill and hold to direct it to the target you want. Destroy all enemy spaceships, you will win. The reward will be bigger if you win with more spaceships intact.

Game mode

Diverse game modes bring a lot of experience for players. The higher the level, the more you can unlock many fascinating game modes:

  • Campaing : this is the main game mode for you to level up quickly. Overcoming many missions in this mode, you will unlock features such as upgrades, patrons, leaderboards, 2nd skill…
  • Arena: you can fight online PvP with many other players here. In this, in addition to the 1vs1 match mode, there is also the 4vs4, 3v3 team match mode … Upgrade the strength of the squad to the maximum to be able to achieve high rankings in the arena.
  • Besides, there are many other modes such as Boss battle, clans battle, experimentation, ship destruction … Countless modes to play, you will never get bored.

Unlimit quest

There is always work for you to do! Main quests, side quests, events, achievements … are refreshed every day for you to complete them. The plot of this game is quite long, so the main task is also a lot. Completing quests will give you a lot of money, items and experience. Do not skip any of the quests!


Enjoy breathtaking 3D graphics, stunning ship animations and special effects as well as captivating sounds and music. A true sci-fi world with realistic, detailed graphics. Super quality visual effects, demonstrated through the skills, setting and design of the spacecraft. According to our assessment, the graphics of Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online are very deserving of 5 stars.

MOD APK version of Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Currentcy
  • Unlimited Energy

Download Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online MOD APK for Android

Fleet is waiting for you to command! Get your ship ready, arm yourself and join the battle that will shape the future of our universe. Immerse yourself in a galactic journey to protect humanity in interstellar wars following the inexplicable emergence of a mysterious alien threat. So what are you waiting for without joining us right away at the link below!

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