Rush Royale v25.0.85606 Mod APK (Free Items)

Last updated: 18/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:25.0.85606
MOD Info:Free Items
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Rush Royale MOD APK is a new product released by B.V. This is a developer under, a Dutch company. This developer has released many famous games, attracting the attention of a large number of players.

Introducing Rush Royale game

Attractive gameplay

Rush Royale is a strategy game with attractive goalkeeping gameplay. You will build an army to bombard, prevent the attack of enemy hordes. Use all means to make your main city intact, you will be the winner. In addition, you can also compete with other players PvP, both manually and great, isn’t it!

Rush Royale is a combination of gamers and card collectors. You can earn high-level cards to summon elite soldiers, mighty warriors to defend the city together. Arrange your army properly so that you can bombard all the enemy troops. The battle begins and you just need to watch them launch their magic arrows and missiles in the heroic, fierce battle.

Protect the kingdom

If you encounter an enemy that is too strong, you can bring down a magical skill. This is a special skill that can only be used once in a match. Therefore, should only be used during the most critical times, when the enemy has already approached your castle. In a game like that, the smarter person wins.

Collect powerful cards

The strength of a card will depend on the level indicated on the card. Cards of level 7 are special prime ministers with outstanding strength. If you can own this card, the win is almost certainly yours. The cards span levels 1 to 7, collect as many high level cards as possible.

Chế độ PvP

This is the most attractive mode of Rush Royale with a direct confrontation form. You will compete with friends or other online opponents, the first to defend wins. You need to always focus because the opponent will have many unique and different strategies, not default programming like Boss in the game. The game also has real-time PvP elements – something that is rare for any player game to have.

Later updates

Rush Royale is constantly improving and developing game content. It is expected that future updates will continuously add many new features:

  • More new Battle Pass seasons
  • Added many new cards, expected 4 legendary cards
  • Update the feature to find competitors by area so that the connection is always stable
  • Constantly new bug fixes and improvements


Rush Royale with simple but very vivid 2D graphics with many colors. The visual effects in combat are extremely eye-catching. Real background from the citadels, true to the nature of the gamer. Battle sounds and background music are also included to increase player inspiration.

MOD APK version of Rush Royale

MOD feature

For an enhanced and easier experience, you try to use our MOD version. Rush Royale MOD APK version with MOD feature:

  • Free Gifts: You can receive free, valuable gifts without watching ads

Download Rush Royale MOD APK for Android

One of the most attractive game players that you should not ignore. Rush Royale will bring you comfortable entertainment moments. Join Rush Royale now with us in the links below!

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