Among Us v2024.3.5 Mod APK (All Unlocked)

Last updated: 10/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2024.3.5
MOD Info:All Unlocked
Publisher:Innersloth LLC
Package:Google Play Link

Team games always bring joyful and passionate feelings. What could be more fun than playing the same game with friends and family. Today, we would like to introduce to you a group activity game called Among Us.

Introduce game Among Us

Join the game, you will and your teammates repair your team’s ship to travel together in space. However, there will also be spoilers blocking your work. For better understanding, please visit the article below.


Among has gameplay like the game Deceit, Ghost Wolf … All players will gather in the cockpit. When you have reached the initial number (usually 10), the game will begin. In a game, all players will be divided into 2 factions: Crews and Impostors.


Crew members will make up the majority in this game. Their mission is: find the impostor, do the ship repair. Crew members will move to positions with greed marks, completing the puzzle there. As such, they have accumulated a bit of energy for their team. The energy bar will show the top left corner of the screen and when it is fully loaded, the crew member’s team wins.

Besides completing ship repair missions, they need to be cautious against imposters. Everyone needs to find the suspicious and kick them out of battle. If all impostors were kicked out, the crew member won as well.


The imposter is probably the most popular character in this game. Simply because he can kill the others in the ship. However, players who can act as impostors also need a sophisticated mind and strategy. They have to keep their movements undetected. Furthermore, there should be a good reason for yourself in the elections.

New impostors can burrow down gas pipes to move through rooms quickly. If you were getting in and meeting one of the crew members, what will happen you probably know.

Play rules

When the match starts, members are free to move around and do whatever. When suspects are found or crew members have been murdered, voting will begin. Players can click on the circle button in the middle of the train to initiate voting. At that time, everyone will talk to each other, each person needs to give their alibi. In the end, the person with the most votes will be thrown out of the game and turned into a ghost. The ghost can observe the battle, but cannot converse.

Not every vote has been kicked out. If people fail to find anyone, they can abstain. The match will continue until someone discovers something or someone gets killed again. During the game, it is not possible to communicate or chat with each other via voice chat to ensure fairness. Because the ghost can observe everyone, if they inform others it will lose the fun of the game.

Useful tips for playing Among Us

Long-term players will always have their own plans and playstyles. Below are just some of the experiences we have gained. Hope they will be of great help to everyone.

You are a crew

  • Don’t trust anyone, anyone can be an imposter
  • Be determined with those you suspect
  • Do not just work hard on your own tasks, go in groups, impostors will not dare to deal with you
  • Observe security cameras to spy on suspicious people
  • Try to do visual quests, so that other players can see you’re definitely not an imposter
  • Likewise, if you know someone who is definitely a crew member, quickly pair up and go together

You are an imposter

  • Pretending to be stupid, and moderating yourself, will help you reduce other people’s attention
  • Only assassinate when meeting that person go alone
  • Limit movement with a duct when, you are very easy to be detected when coming out of it
  • Regularly move through other crew members, so that when voting you have a reason to justify
  • Stand at the positions on duty for a long time, to pretend you are on the mission
  • Try to find a reason to blame the crew members for their expulsion from the game
  • Destroy important locations like the oxygen room or the reactor, and someone will definitely get gold in it. Then you need to quickly kill him and get down to the gas pipeline.

Character system

The character system is also very diverse in this game. The characters will wear a colorful astronaut to their liking. Not only that, but there are many other characters that are prettier and cooler, but they are all locked. If you reach a certain level, the characters will be unlocked in turn.

Graphics, sound

The game is designed with quite simple graphics. You will not take too much time to get used to everything. The objects used here are designed to be easy on the eyes so that you can quickly recognize what it is. This also helps in the speed of repairing your train.

The sound in the game is mainly the background music played continuously in each match. Voice chat is an important tool in deciding the team’s victory. This feature makes it easy for you to chat and strategy.

MOD APK version of Among Us

MOD feature

All Unlocked: The items in the game will have a limited number of items. You need a deposit to be able to unlock and use them. However, with this version of Among Us Mod APK, everything is limited that has been completely unlocked. You do not need to lose any cost to own all the items in the game. Feel free to experience and immerse yourself in the fun atmosphere with your friends.


Why has my vision in Among Us dropped, is there any way to fix it?

This is also a problem many people face. After the latest update, the majority of users get screen display errors. The publisher is trying to fix and release the next update more perfect.

Reviews from users

Here are some reviews from users on Google Play about this game Among Us. It has mixed opinions, pros and cons. You can find more comments in the reviews on Google Play.

“This game is amazing, I can play for hours without getting bored. I would rate it five if it weren’t for the new conversation I hate it. It’s really harder to communicate and hard to tell who is. Safe people and also harder to explain what you saw “

“It’s great! It would be great if at least 1-2 pets and skins have to be free or obtained by watching ads! Please !!!!”

“This game is great! No ads and the game is great. However, I have had some weird glitches lately. For example, a few weeks ago, I was an Imposter in a game. But I cannot kill, vandalize, or vent my anger My name is displayed in white in the voting screen instead of red and I can do quests. . “

“I have this game after 1 year and really enjoyed it. I also love the new updates. But the update called” quick chat “is confusing me because the last chat is good. than the new update. I want to bring back the old chat mode because it’s better than the new update. “

Download Among Us MOD APK for Android

Show yourself as a talented leader with Among Us. Together lead your team members to defeat other enemies. Use your own tactics to spot the spies and quickly complete your ship. Download and experience Among Us right at the link below.

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