Doofus Drop v1.0.61 Mod APK (Unlocked Hats, No Ads)

Last updated: 16/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.61
MOD Info:Unlocked Hats, No Ads
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Curious Labs
Package:Google Play Link

Quirky games sometimes bring you comfortable moments. Why so? Please join the game Doofus Drop MOD APK now! There, you will find the answer to this problem.

Introduce about Doofus Drop

Doofus Drop is an addictive game created by weird people for weird people. It was also commented on as a silly game, of course it came from ordinary people. They also wonder why so many people are addicted to this strange game? I have also experienced it firsthand and somewhat understand. Now, I will introduce to you what this game has!

Weird shaping

From the moment you look at the game’s logo, you can also see the oddity. The character design is unlike anything on earth. A character with a long head, a tongue that sticks out all the time, and ugly rolling eyes. Rather, this character resembles an alien. Once inside the game, you’ll see even more quirks. From the context, the gameplay to the sound, the graphics can all be described with a “silly” word.

Irrational gameplay

When I just started the first level, I felt quite funny. The main character rides a bike that rattles and crashes into a pole. That is the beginning of each level, then the character rolls down a cliff. There, you will start to control so that the character can eat as many stars as possible. This cliff is infinitely long, you almost can’t find the foot of the mountain but only fail halfway through the pitfalls.

How to control the character? In fact, you don’t have to do anything. When the character rolls down, he will sometimes get stuck in a certain location. You just need to activate his self-generated jet engine to fly up and keep rolling down. That self-generated motor is “fart”, funny isn’t it. Release big, powerful farts so your character can fly higher and roll farther.

The illogical element of Doofus Drop is also reflected in the design of the terrain, the location of the traps. It does not follow any sequence or design layout. Whatever the publisher ramdom, it appears in the game screen. Normal pitfalls will appear after a certain period of time. But in this game, sometimes there are no pitfalls for a whole minute, sometimes they appear continuously, making you unable to react in time.

Upgrade skills, items

Upgrade the bike so that it makes you stronger at the start of the game. Can you afford to bring home the ultimate bike? It will help you fly further when hitting the pole thanks to the reaction from the saddle. Thanks to that, you will have more time to collect stars. Not only that, but you can also witness unique bike designs when unlocking and upgrading.

In addition, you can upgrade the skills of your character. Learn to jump farther and higher while falling. Along with that is the ability to fart, fart really hard to go further. These skills are also upgraded from stars, which you earn as you roll in each level. Therefore, try to go as far as possible to collect as many stars as possible.

Unlock achievements to prove your ability

It’s funny how this game doesn’t need you to have any skills to prove it! But with these infinite runner games, the score will be a comparison between players. In Doofus Drop there are many achievement items for you to do. It is equivalent to the small tasks that you need to achieve in each level. What you prove in the game is your drop tactical jumping ability. Obviously Doofus Drop isn’t completely tasteless, it takes skill too!


As I said, “odd” is the adjective that best describes the game’s graphics. From characters to objects, the context in the game is the same. The main theme in Doofus Drop is black and white as the main theme, so you definitely won’t be able to find vivid and colorful images there. All are quite simple and quite funny when looking at the character’s falling expression. The sound is also extremely “weird” because farts sound in a way that cannot be more realistic.

MOD APK version of Doofus Drop

MOD features

  • Unlocked Hats
  • NO Ads

Download Doofus Drop MOD APK latest version for Android

What a weird man’s game designed for wacky people! Doofus Drop shows all those highlights with extremely illogical gameplay. Many people join this game maybe also partly out of curiosity. The “crazy” will find crazy games, I believe normal people will too. Are you one of them? Download the game via the link below if you want to experience it!

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