IDLE Berserker v1.0.24 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Resources)

Last updated: 17/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.24
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Resources
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Sample games
Package:Google Play Link

IDLE Berserker MOD APK is an idle game with novel gameplay, giving you an exciting and extremely engaging experience. Although it has just been released, the game is now being loved by many players and it is published by many famous game newspapers.

Introduce about IDLE Berserker

In previous articles, REDMOD often introduced idle business simulation games. For example, Idle Taxi Tycoon, Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon or Idle Lumber Empire. But the idle game introduced in this article has a completely new style. It’s Idle gameplay based on role-playing, combat. IDLE Berserker will bring you a new but equally addictive experience.

This game has the full name IDLE Berserker: Action RPG. It is developed and published by Sample games. Thanks to the novel gameplay and eye-catching visuals, it is being interested by many players. After the introduction we will give you the IDLE Berserker MOD APK version. It has been modified with unique features, you will definitely like it.


Coming to the game, you play the role of a powerful swordsman, named Gasgaia. In a fight with the enemy, you are defeated and are close to death. It seemed that your life was over, then a miracle appeared. A girl mysteriously appeared and saved your life with mystical magic. So you owe that girl a favor and need to repay her.

Unfortunately, when the girl who saved you met with disaster. She is the one chosen to be sacrificed to the Black Dragon Traken. This is a huge and powerful monster, capable of destroying all. When the person who saved your life is in danger, of course you will be willing to help. You decide to find a way to rescue that girl.

But just relying on your ability is not enough to defeat the enemy, especially the Black Dragon. So you signed a contract with the Reaper to become a real warrior with extraordinary strength. You become a mad warrior full of fury. And you begin the battle to defeat the Black Dragon and its minions.

Exciting gameplay with many modes

IDLE Berserker is developed with simulation gameplay combined with role-playing. But this gameplay will be idle, not too stressful like other role-playing games. In battles, you do not need to control the character to move and fight like action games. Instead, you just need to choose a skill, the character will automatically fight the enemy. As long as you choose the right skill, you can win against all enemies.

The game offers many different game modes for you to experience. For example, dungeon mode, quest completion, summoning, character growth, auto battle… Each mode has its own interesting points and attractions. Try playing them all, to find the mode that suits your taste.

Character development

IDLE Berserker is combined with role-playing elements, so character upgrading and development is extremely important. Initially, your character has a few basic skills available, which can defeat common monsters. But later on, your enemies get stronger and stronger. That means you have to make your heroes stronger than them.

Let your character learn new fighting skills stronger, with higher damage. At the same time, you need to upgrade important stats for your character.

Equipment system

In addition to learning skills, upgrading strength, the equipment system also contributes to making the character much stronger. The game offers tons of different equipment and skills for you to collect. These types of equipment have the ability to increase stamina, increase damage when fighting… In addition, the game also has a quite diverse sub-system. Each outfit is exclusively designed with its own style.

Beautiful technique

Although only developed with 2D graphics, IDLE Berserker still gives you an extremely impressive experience. That is thanks to the beautiful visual effects and effects invested in the game. You can feel those techniques through the skills of the character, as well as the enemy. In addition, the shaping for the main character, as well as the villain, is very eye-catching.

MOD APK version of IDLE Berserker

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold, Diamond
  • Lots of Enhancement Stones
  • Unlimited Resources, Ability Dice

Download IDLE Berserker MOD APK latest version for Android

IDLE Berserker has both attractive and novel gameplay and beautiful visuals. Surely you will have interesting experiences with this game. Moreover, the MOD version that we provide has a lot of modified features to help you experience the game more easily. This version is ready, you can download it now via the link below!

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