Maybe: Interactive Stories v3.2.3 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 08/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.2.3
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Publisher:CINAMON Games
Package:Google Play Link

The most engaging interactive game today – Maybe: Interactive Stories appeared. Choose your story and immerse yourself in new adventures. Change yourself to match the character you are playing. Start right now!

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Introduce game Maybe: Interactive Stories

Maybe: Interactive Stories is the new romance story app HOTTEST where you play the main role in the story! By teaming up with top authors, famous webtoon creators and unprecedented stars to bring you the best of the weekly action games. The path and end of your story will change based on your choices!

Many fascinating stories

Choose the story you want to play in from genres such as: Sweet and engaging romance, fantasy, LGBT + love story, drama, youth, and more. Here are a few located in the huge library of stories of this game.

Royal Blood – Hit Vampire Romance Series

Your long-lost father reappears and invites you to join the vampire’s secret life, where you meet three fascinating but dangerous vampire brothers. You discover your special powers and the fate of all vampires are in your hands. Which of the three handsome vampires will you choose? Find your own ending for the story!

Perfect partner – Hit wet relationship

You are a competent CEO of your own company. You meet John at a club and feel something that you have never felt before with someone else. When you meet him again as your secretary, you will decide on a dual contract: one for employment, and the other as a “partner”. Between a dangerously hot secretary and childhood best friend, who would you choose?

The Tyrant’s Bodyguard – Monarchy LGBT + Series

The empire is governed by a constitutional monarchy. You act as a bodyguard, and you have a chance to protect the crown prince. What happens when you are thrown into a plot to destroy the monarchy? The fate of the Empire as you know it is in your hands. Will you be able to protect the Empire and the man who gave up everything for you?

Flirting Island – Romantic Story to Your Lifetime

When you are fired by your boss, the single billionaire CEO gives you the chance to get your job back. Besides that you can make a neat amount of money as a bonus. You have to be on a love reality show and do your best to romantic him for the joy of the audience! Will you do your job or will you become a couple whose love isn’t just for the cameras?

The Queen remarries – A scheming medieval illusion (NAVER SERIES)

You were chosen to be the Emperor’s partner for life, but they’re thinking again! Instead of you, he chose a slave as his companion, and now she is chasing your throne too. Will you let this happen, or will you give other handsome nobles who love you the chance to romance and achieve a happy ending.

Directly interactive gameplay

Change your destiny through the choices available. Maybe: Interactive Stories allows players to join the story directly as the main character. There, you will be given the option of what happens next. There are usually 2 to 3 options for you. Therefore, each story will have a lot of different endings, depending on how the player chooses.


Other interactive games, usually only contain a lot of still images and dialogue. The difference in this game is that the character is 3D designed with full of expressions and gestures. So players will feel the authenticity of the role-playing game.

Bring your character to life in a whole new storyline game. You have the right to change the appearance of your character. Use Diamonds to buy costumes and accessories in the store. Change the hairstyle, dress style to match the upcoming role you want to choose. A hot secretary with a glamorous outfit or a queen with a shimmering dress … you are free to design.

MOD APK version of Maybe: Interactive Stories

MOD feature

  • Free Shopping
  • Unlocked All

Download Maybe: Interactive Stories MOD APK for Android

Download today to enjoy free romantic stories. This is where you decide for yourself what will happen. There are countless interesting storylines updated every week. Add to that a story that can be experienced many times, since it has many different endings. Therefore, you will always live in a world filled with fascinating stories. Join us so you can feel this wonderful thing!

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