Cat Simulator v2.1.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 21/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.1.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.1+
Publisher:Swift Apps LLC
Package:Google Play Link

Cat Simulator MOD APK is the most beautiful cat farming simulation game available on Android. Choose the cats you like and take care of them in the best possible way!

Introduce about Cat Simulator

Cat Simulator is a simulation game published by Swift Apps LLC. You can also consider this a role-playing game because you will directly transform into the cats in it. This is a quite unique gameplay, different from similar simulation games like CatLife: BitLife Cats or Burger Cats. For the first time, you will experience the world from the perspective of a cat. Are you excited already, let’s learn more about the features in this game!

Cute animals

In Cat Simulator, you can find dozens of extremely beautiful cats. The price to unlock will also vary by cat breed. With precious cats such as British cats, Persian cats … you will have to spend a lot of money to buy. As for the popular cat breeds, there is no special feature, the price is extremely cheap, you can even get it for free. Obviously, every player wants to own the most beautiful cats to incarnate. Therefore, the publisher has integrated a lot of features for you to make money.

Although the main theme is cats, there are other animals in the game somewhere. You can also role-play from the perspective of a dog or rabbit. Each animal will give you different experiences. What is your favorite dog breed? Do cute bunnies see the world in a normal way? You can experience it now!

Cat Care

You can build your own houses to house all the cats you have. In daily life, you can bathe, feed, not get sick and play with them. Every action that makes your cat happy, you will receive coins. From there, you can buy more furniture such as sofa, TV, carpet and most decorations. Your cats will have certain stats and your task is to keep them at the highest level.

More than a dozen places to explore

There are more than 11 exciting places for you to explore in this fascinating adventure. You will start from a small house in the middle of the city. There you will learn the most basic things about the game. Nearby are new locations that you must level up to unlock. Explore different houses, new gardens with lots of pure fun waiting for you. Playing the role of a cat and participating in a barbecue meal will surely be an unforgettable experience for each player.

Interact with the world around

You can make more than 50 interactions with the world. You can drop the fridge, step on the vacuum cleaner, shower in the jacuzzi, get into the washing machine, drink water from the sink, wake the dog and much more. Each interaction resembles the cats you see in real life. So that you can experience their perspective in the most authentic way.

Controls in the game are also extremely simple. You can use the joystick on the left to move your cat. Jump button on the right to make it fly and swipe to look around. You can use the push button on the right to smash objects with your amazing pussycat powers.

Online Player

Now you can compete with other animal lovers in a brand new multiplayer mode! Play with other kittens, meet new friends and see who has the best skills. You can also invite your friends to the game at a location of your choice. Creating a meeting with other players will help you always feel more happy.


Cat Simulator is more loved by its amazing 3D graphics. 360 degree viewing angle helps you explore more aspects of life. The cats are designed to look like the real thing. From the coat, the action to the personality are all inspired by real cat breeds. More than 11 interesting locations help players feel more comfortable in this simulation world.

MOD APK version of Cat Simulator

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Cat Simulator MOD APK latest version for Android

Cat Simulator is really a beautiful and realistic simulation game. It is shown from the graphics to every feature in the game. Interacting with the world from a cat’s perspective is definitely a fun experience. You can also capture these moments to revisit from time to time. This game is very simple to start, easy to play. This beautiful world is open, you just need to download and start experiencing it now!

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