App Cloner v2.17.16 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 26/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:2.17.16
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Publisher:App Listo
Package:Google Play Link

With the arrival of App Cloner, you will work easier and smarter. This is an essential tool for those who work primarily through social media. Specifically how it works, let’s find out more together! In particular, App Cloner MOD APK is a free unlocked Premium version of this application, you can download it from the link below the article!

Introduce about Cloner

Constantly logging in and out in an application is troublesome, isn’t it! Even if you don’t like it, you still have to do it because it’s the nature of your job. Especially the work related to famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitch… But there is no need to be sad for too long, Cloner application is your savior in that. With App Cloner, all those annoyances will be solved quickly. Convenient, easy to use and effective, don’t miss it!

A great application

Continuing to log in and out of an application can lead to errors and data loss. App Cloner Premium is an application that allows creating copies that run in parallel with the original application. In particular, these copies will run independently from the original. Therefore, jobs that need to log in to multiple accounts at the same time will be extremely convenient. You can simultaneously log in to 10 or more Facebook accounts simultaneously on the same device. It is awesome, isn’t it!

Absolute security

Using an external application running in parallel with a social network will make you nervous. You are afraid that your confidential information will be copied and stolen. Don’t worry, App Cloner Premium has anonymity, location, ID or password protection modes. So your information will be absolutely confidential. There is also disable auto-running in the background, only consuming wifi data … Cloner Premium includes more than 100 options, and after each update, there are many more other features.

Simple interface, easily accessible

The interface is designed to be simple, without many complicated details to avoid confusing the user’s eyes. That helps you to focus on your work and achieve high efficiency. The functional layout is also very subtle to make it easy for users to get used to and use. The subtlety of this app’s interface design is that each feature comes with an icon. Both help users quickly understand the benefits of the feature, and create habits for users. Specifically, you do not need to read what the feature is, but just glance at the icon to be able to understand.

Premium version with many upgrades

With this upgrade, you will experience more advanced features. Some updated features: Ability to save a copy in SD card, clone multiple apps at the same time, not just clone an app multiple times, change icon… Also can block unusual connections to your device. With the Premium version, you will have:

  • Copy many premium apps;
  • Make multiple copies at the same time;
  • Identification and tracking options;
  • Options for privacy, navigation, storage, display…


However, when using App Cloner, you need to be aware of the cloning ability. Not all applications can be cloned, applications that cannot be cloned will show errors or behave incorrectly. Therefore, if you have the same problem, try to clone another application. It’s probably not the app that’s crashing, you’re cloning a buggy app. The publisher will continuously update to help users more comfortable cloning the application. Specifically, some apps can’t be cloned: Tiktok, a drive, WeChat, Whatsapp, Most of Google’s apps (except Chrome, Gmail, Youtube…), most Microsoft apps ( except Skype, LinkedIn..) and more.

What’s new in the latest version of App Cloner?

The publisher continuously updates and fixes bugs reported by users. Therefore, you can submit a request to have your error quickly resolved. In the latest version there are:

  • Improved some options;
  • Floating applications are automatically created continuously;
  • Reduce memory usage when copying large applications;
  • Fixes.

Premium APK version of App Cloner

MOD feature

  • MOD Unlocked

It’s a free app, but you still have to buy a basic package to be able to use it. You also do not dare to spend money for fear that the application will not meet the requirements you desire. So we want to send you the App Cloner Premium MOD APK Version. Unlock all upgraded features, so you can experience completely free.

Installation Instructions

  • To use our MOD version, you need to uninstall the original version;
  • Enable “unknown sources in your phone’s settings. Then download the APK file below the article;
  • Click on the downloaded APK file and proceed with the installation;
  • Wait for the process to complete, you can start experiencing all Premium features.

Reviews from users

The reviews from users will give you the best overview of this application. How does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? The answer has been compiled by us below, you can refer.

“Downloaded dozens of different cloning apps and this is the best clone. No ads, easy to use and convenient. Thank you very much to the publisher! I see a lot of people having problems downloading and paying. In fact, you just need to download the file from their homepage to use. The version on Google Play is just to pay for Premium.”

“I bought this app, it seems smooth and works well. But the problem is that I can’t update videos and clips on Zalo clone app? Maybe this will happen on some apps like that this so I hope you can fix it soon for the best user experience.”

“It’s great that I know this application. This is a very standard and useful Clone app Facebook tool. I work mainly on facebook and have many different accounts. It helps me to automatically login quickly. It’s a bit of a hassle to use multiple copies, but it saves a lot of time anyway. Thank you very much to the publisher!”

“It’s a pity that this app is pretty limited in terms of app cloning. I hope the publisher can quickly upgrade so I can use it! I often use social networks for work, so this application is extremely useful to me. Although I can’t use it now due to the limitation of copying, I still rate it 5 stars.”

“The best app for cloning! I tried many similar apps and wasn’t satisfied until I found App Cloner. Works efficiently, easy to use and very smart, it helps me to solve it. quite a lot of problems with logging in and out of accounts. For a daily social network user like me, this is really a savior. Hope that the publisher can update more good features. ! Thanks very much!”

Download App Cloner Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

App Cloner – A small application, but the use is extremely large. It solves the troubles of many people, bringing convenience in work. The application is light in size, so it is compatible with many types of mobile devices. Convenient in every way, App Cloner is worth downloading and using, isn’t it!

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