Burger Cats v0.3.16 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 26/11/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:0.3.16
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0
Package:Google Play Link

If you are feeling lonely and boring, immediately join the game Burger Cats. Coming to this game, you will be friends with lovely animals. You can even experience their “royal” life in a fantasy world.

Introducing the game Burger Cats

Game Burger Cats is developed and published by HyperBeard, a game company from Mexico. Surely you still remember the extremely famous Adorable Home name more than a year ago. It is also a product from the developer HyperBeard. During the time Adorable Home was released, it received a lot of attention from players around the world. Up to now, the game has received nearly 50 million downloads. The highlight of this game is the simplicity and fun about the daily life of the two main characters and funny cats.

Coming to the game Burger Cats this time you continue to experience an extremely interesting gameplay. It is still an entertaining video game that does not put pressure or stress on the player.

Story of the game

Coming to Burger Cats, you can enter the world of cats, where they can do whatever they want without the presence of humans. Your task when participating in the game is to create a restaurant selling bread for cats. The staff who work for you, as well as the guests of this restaurant, are all cute cats. Choose your staff and grow your restaurant richer and richer!

Idle simulation gameplay

Basically, Burger Cats is a simulation game where you build and manage a restaurant that sells meatloaf. But the new thing is that you choose cats to work instead of humans like other games of the same genre. This gameplay is quite simple, you don’t have to think much or stress when playing. Every time you play the game, you will receive new fun with your cats.

With that said, your mission is to develop a restaurant that sells burgers for adorable cats. Hire good waiters and chefs to meet all the needs of your customers. After receiving the first coins, what you need to do is upgrade the restaurant. Upgrade your restaurant’s facilities and ingredients to attract more customers.

Many places for cats to explore

You don’t just open a restaurant, but a chain of burger restaurants. You are taken to many places to explore as well as build the largest chain of restaurants in the cat world. Going to each place, you have to find out the preferences of the customers there to tailor the sales to the customers accordingly. Every new location is a challenge for you. But it is also a place for you to explore and travel to beautiful places.

Simple pictures

If you have ever played the game Adorable Home, you will feel familiar from the first time you see the game Burger Cats. Because this new product still possesses the same simple cartoon style as its senior. There will still be 2D graphics that are not too prominent, but the images are quite eye-catching. Because the shapes for the cats in the game are extremely cute. No longer ordinary cats, the cats in Burger Cats have a completely new style. They are dressed in unique costumes, and colorful accessories.

Game for those who love cats

Like dogs, cats are also one of the animals closest to humans. It is considered our friends. But for some reason you can’t get a cat, try playing Burger Cats. This game allows you to freely raise cats, even build the most luxurious restaurant for cats. This way, you can pet your cat completely for free. In particular, the cats in Burger Cats are very obedient to you, not destructive like cats in real life.

MOD APK version of Burger Cats

MOD features

Unlimited Money: You can spend money on anything in the game and never run out of money!


Can I install a MOD over the original I installed from Google Play?

It’s not possible. You must uninstall the original to be able to experience our MOD version. If you overwrite the original, the MOD feature does not work.

Does the MOD version of Burger Cats have ads?

We have removed annoying ads in the MOD version.

How to make a lot of money in the game?

You can play the game really hard to earn a lot of money. But there is a much simpler way that is to use the MOD version with the unlimited money feature of REDMOD.

What should I do every time the game updates to a new version?

To update the new version of the game, go to REDMOD.CO to download the latest version and install it over the previous MOD version. You need to make sure the file you download from our website is up to date. Because if you download from another location, the data you have played before will be lost.

Does this game have a large capacity? My phone has quite a bit of free space left.

This is a 2D game with very simple graphics and gameplay, so its size is very small, only 50MB. So you don’t need to worry about the game taking up space on your device’s memory.

Download Burger Cats MOD APK for Android

With simple but interesting gameplay, Burger Cats will be a great choice for your entertainment. It will certainly be a popular game in the coming Christmas. What are you waiting for without downloading Burger Cats immediately to experience! Note: This game is suitable for players 13 years and older.

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