Burger Bistro Story v1.3.9 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 21/09/2022 (6 months ago)

Latest Version:1.3.9
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

You can make your dream of opening a fast food shop right now! Just download this Burger Bistro Story game and you’ll be provided with every recipe, business strategy, and location. Upgrade your store fast with our MOD APK version.

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Introduce game Burger Bistro Story

Burger Bistro Story is the construction simulation game and fast food store management. Not an employee, you are the boss in this game. Therefore, it requires you to have a sound management and business strategy. The game is built with 3D graphics and pixel art, giving you a different experience. Enter the game and show off your manageability right now!

New recipes

The variety of dishes is the factor that attracts many customers to your store. Not only are the recipes available, you can also create your own. Unleash your creativity for diners to evaluate for you. Replace your meat with fish fillet and tartare sauce, or combine bacon, lettuce and eggs. You can create countless special recipes by your limitless creativity.

In addition, you can also participate in competitions to make fast food in the city. In addition to cash, your bonus includes a special recipe. It is made by top chefs in the world. Having it in hand, you will surely attract countless diners to eat.

Restaurant upgrades

In addition to good food, spacious and beautiful space is also very important. At the same time, it also evaluates the professionalism and quality of your store. Initially, you could only open a small store due to limited capital. Once stabilized, you can gradually expand the premises and space. Besides, it is to purchase and upgrade more modern equipment. Thanks to that you can speed up making food to be able to welcome many diners at the same time.


You just need to focus on managing and building a business strategy for the store. For the rest of the work, let the staff do it for you. Once the store has a reputation, hiring is a must. Hire qualified people and put them in the right position. They will help you do everything like: chef, waitress, accountant, cleaning staff … They will work hard even when you are away.

Don’t let your money “freeze”

That is the most important strategy you need to have. When you have a surplus of capital, you should take advantage of it thoroughly. Can you run multiple stores at the same time? If so, do not hesitate to open more branches. Once your brand spreads across the city, that’s when you have successfully crushed your competitors.

In addition, you can invest capital to promote the brand. This is also a way for your store to quickly be known to many people. Make the most of the resources and apply the right strategy, you are a great manager.


What could be more wonderful than seeing our store welcoming thousands of people in and out. The happiness of all bosses is seeing their strategies to the maximum effect. It is the best comfort when you join the game Burger Bistro Story. While learning a lot of knowledge and entertaining at the same time, this is definitely a game that you should not ignore.


Burger Bistro Story brings you colorful and vivid 3D graphics. Pixel art creates an eye-catching overall look. Characters with adorable actions will make you enjoy. The dishes are beautifully designed, varied and quite authentic. In addition, a modern and luxurious restaurant space cannot be ignored. The game also allows you to zoom in and out of the screen with touch controls. The background music constantly changes will help you not be bored while experiencing.

MOD APK version of Burger Bistro Story

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Burger Points And Hearts

Download Burger Bistro Story MOD APK for Android

Open your store now and spread your passion for cooking across the city! Burger Bistro Story is not only an entertaining game, it also helps you promote your ability to manage and build a business strategy. Varied content and features, you’ll always have something to do in this game. To us, this game deserves 5 stars in terms of both graphics and content. Please verify this by participating in this game right now at the link below.

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