Cum & Gun v1.6.540 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 13/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.6.540
MOD Info:God Mode
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Cum & Gun MOD APK is a novel action role-playing game, giving you a completely different experience from games of the same genre.

Introducing Cum & Gun

As you know, the genre of shooting role-playing games and otome games are loved by many players. What do you think if these two game genres combine? Of course it will be extremely attractive! That great combination appears in Cum & Gun, a new game released on the Nutaku platform.

Become a professional trainer

In the game, you are taken to a bustling city called Star City. And you are a virtual character, the coach of the water gun team. In the game, this is a popular shooting sport with many competitions taking place. You are summoned beautiful girls to your team. Then you take them to participate in extremely dramatic and fun water shooting competitions.

3rd person shooter gameplay

The gameplay of Cum & Gun game is quite simple. You are the coach, also the person who directly controls the members of the combat team. The game has two basic options for you to experience. It’s PvE mode and PvP mode. Both modes have their own attractions for you to explore. With PvE mode, you can complete special missions to receive rewards. As for the PvP mode, you can face other players around the world. This is a dramatic, highly competitive game mode.

Before sending your girls into the online battle, you must train their fighting skills. You can do individual training courses for each character. During each training session, you can chat, even “date” with the beautiful members of the team.

Character system and costumes

As a role-playing game, of course the character system in the game is extremely diverse. Currently, the game owns more than 30 characters, all of which are beautiful girls. They are focused on shaping by the developer, so the appearance of these characters is beautiful. Even when appearing in the game, they are more beautiful than the characters in the Anime. Accordingly, each character has different fighting skills.

To make a difference to the character system, Cum & Gun brings an extremely diverse inventory of costumes. You can choose from thousands of costumes to design for your character. With this feature, you can create characters whose appearance suits your own preferences.

Not only that, each character also has their own story for you to discover. As their owner, you can chat to get to know each character better. You can even flirt or date any girl you want.

Discover each character’s story

In addition to shooting gameplay, Cum & Gun game also has a visual novel-style exploration element. As introduced above, each character in the game has their own story. And you have to discover the story of each of them through dialogue. With this combination, you will not feel bored while playing. Each of your choices, decisions can directly affect the relationship between you and those characters.

Impressive graphics

Normally, games on the Nutaku platform are equipped with 2D graphics. But the game Cum & Gun this time brings a difference. It is invested by the developer Super H Game with a high-quality 3D graphics platform. And the image in the game is designed in Japanese style Anime style. Colors, skill effects or sound effects in the game are all very well completed.

In the 3rd person perspective, you can easily control the character to move in all directions. You will get an overview behind the character, and fight easier. In addition to the character system, the landscape in the game is also designed extremely monumentally. Thereby, you will have extremely vivid experiences with this Anime game.

MOD APK version of Cum & Gun

MOD features

  • Menu MOD
  • God Mode

Download Cum & Gun MOD APK latest version for Android

Cum & Gun is really an engaging action role-playing game with dramatic and engaging gameplay. Not only that, you are also mesmerized by the voice acting for the character, performed by familiar artists. And right here will be the link to download Cum & Gun MOD APK game for you!

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