Barnard’s Star APK v11 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 17/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:11
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Pollywog Games
Package:Google Play Link

Barnard’s Star APK is a new style strategy game, just released not long ago. You will be involved in a dramatic war in the vast universe, beyond Earth.

Introduce about Barnard’s Star

Barnard’s Star is published by Pollywog Games, has just appeared on two platforms Google Play and AppStore. However, it is a paid game for around $3.99. And this price may vary slightly depending on your country. In this article, REDMOD introduces a little about the most prominent points in the game. Then you can choose the free version of Barnard’s Star APK to download.

Story of the game

True to the name of the game, you have understood the context in this game. Barnard’s Star is a real-life red dwarf. It is located about six light-years from Earth in the constellation Ophiuchus. This place has a rather large area, with a radius of more than 136,000 km. This game has been set at this red star to develop an extremely unique strategy game.

In this game, three factions are formed. Those are Humans, Robots and Creatures. Humans and Robots are no longer strangers to us, but the Alien Creatures will make you feel curious and interested in them. Join the game, you are free to choose one of the three factions.

Tactical gameplay

Basically, Barnard’s Star is developed with turn-based tactical gameplay. You will face each opponent through strategic matches. However, the strategy element in this game is not as strict as other games of the same genre. You just need to be knowledgeable about the skills to be able to come up with reasonable battle plans. The strategy in the game is mainly based on the character’s abilities and skills. In addition, you must also have ingenuity, if you want to defeat all enemies.

In addition to the offline AI main game mode, you can also play the online mode. This mode allows you to fight with friends, or challenge strangers to PvP matches.

Various maps

You can conquer this game in many different locations in the vast universe. Currently, the game has up to 9 different maps for you to explore. Coming to each map, you are given different missions and there are new difficulties for you to complete.

Character system

As introduced, the characters in the game are divided into three factions, Human, Creature and Robot. Accordingly, each species has different shapes and comes with different fighting abilities. Each character has many different fighting skills. You can use dozens of unique attacks and abilities. You have to fight with 24 characters with your control skills, and smart tactics. These include skills such as sniping, electric shock, creating acid rain…

Simple pictures

Barnard’s Star is only developed with quite simple 2D graphics. The image in the game is built in a classic style. You can easily see that through the images introduced below. All characters, monsters and even Creatures in the game are created extremely simply. This visual style reminds us of classic games from a few decades ago.

APK version of Barnard’s Star


Paid: Barnard’s Star APK version is free for you to download and experience. If you don’t want to lose about 4$, choose our version. It is easy to download as well as install. Just make sure to allow installation of apps from unknown sources, and open the APK file to install as usual.

Download Barnard’s Star APK latest version for Android

Barnard’s Star is really an interesting strategy game, for you to experience with offline mode, or play with friends. And you can also challenge other players around the world via online mode. As for the image, the game will be suitable for those who love the classic game genre. If you like it, you can download the experience now via the link below!

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