Badoo v5.362.0 Mod APK (No Ads, Free Bonus)

Last updated: 22/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.362.0
MOD Info:No Ads, Free Bonus
Package:Google Play Link

Today we will introduce to you the application to connect, get to know friends Badoo. For details, please refer to the article below. You can also consider using our Badoo MOD APK version attached below.

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Introducing Badoo

Currently, there are many social networks born with many effects. Not only will it entertain you, follow and connect with acquaintances, but it can also help you find a lover in your life. There are also social networking apps dedicated to dating, allowing users to find out and date each other.

You are a shy or quiet person so making friends is difficult. You want to find your other partner but still not brave enough. Now, those difficulties are no longer a problem for Badoo. This is a top online friend making app that is trusted by many people. With over 100 million installs on Google Play, this is the place to send your trust to find your partner.

Strong network connection

With the foundation of a website of the same name, Badoo was developed into a convenient mobile application. Currently, the application has received more than 460 million members around the world. With Badoo, you can make friends with lots of people from many different countries. The Encounters feature allows users to view photos of recommended Badoo users, see the number of friends and common interests between the two, or their profile likes.

In addition to finding other users by their name, Badoo also lets you find users around you. As long as you enable your current location, you can find nearby users within a certain radius. Thanks to that, you can find new friends in a new place, at work or anywhere else. You can meet someone you like or start looking for your new love. I believe that with such a large number of members, you will find someone who is most satisfied.

Many interesting features

Coming to Badoo, you will experience many simple but interesting features. You can view information, profile picture of anyone. From there you can briefly grasp information about your audience and start getting acquainted. Not only that, but you can also see who is liking you through a number of built-in apps. You can also share cool everyday moments on Badoo to show off to your friends. Capture the best photos to change your profile picture. Impress others with awesome and perfect avatars.


Using Badoo you will not need to worry about information security. Application developed based on the most secure authentication process. All used members will be scanned regularly to ensure no fake accounts. All your valuable information will not be stolen and spread to the outside. With such a large number of members, Badoo is confident of being the safest and most secure application.

Simple working interface

Badoo is equipped with a stylish GUI interface with beautiful graphics from the edge of the app. Therefore, social networking quickly attracts the attention of users. In particular, Badoo is a dating application that integrates navigation in the menu and via profile pictures or other data. The features are streamlined on the screen, convenient to operate and from the menu on the left. And you can easily browse through the different folders listed in the Badoo app.

The first time you use Badoo, you’ll need to create a profile using an email address or connect to your Facebook or Google+ account. With Facebook connection, you can easily log in without spending much time on registration. If you create a new account, you need to provide more personal information for the system to save. The Badoo app asks users to provide their date of birth, height and weight, their current preferences and location. However, you do not have to fill out all the correct information.

Information will be required and optional. You can add information about relationship status, gender, children and education level. This information will help Badoo sort through millions of other users and suggest groups of users most likely to match a user’s interests. And thanks to that, you can also attract the attention of other users.

Summary of main features

  • Meet other users around the world with any common ground
  • More than 400 million members are using Badoo
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use
  • Navigate in the menu
  • Connect via email or Google+ and Facebook accounts
  • Set favorites and message with other users
  • Add friends to favorites
  • Check user profile information

Badoo’s minus point

Although it is a free social network, it has a lot of fees when using it. The most convenient features for users are charged. It comes with a premium version with a monthly or annual subscription fee. In addition, there are still some other features that require users to pay to use. This makes Badoo users extremely uncomfortable. You can see this from the reviews on Google Play. Having so many accounts leaving reviews sharing content is too much for a fee.

Because of this, a lot of users have stopped using Badoo. Although the number of installs of this app on Google Play is in the hundreds of millions, the uninstallation is quite a lot. There is also some information that dating apps are vulnerable to attack by hackers. But right now, there has been no dangerous attack happening with Badoo.

Are you a good fit for Badoo?

Dating apps are loved by many, but not all. Because such applications have both advantages and disadvantages. Based on user experience, we analyze Badoo in two aspects, that is, “Who is Baboo suitable for?” and “Who is it not for?”

Who is Badoo suitable for?

For anyone who is single, looking for love, Badoo is a great choice. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, be LBGT, you can find your life partner thanks to this social network. Or simply you just need a quick date, to relieve stress in life. Depending on your goals, you will find the right person for you.

Who is it not for?

This is a worldwide dating app that has a preference for the user’s region. However, it can only date them in a fun way and is unlikely to create a formal and lasting relationship. For faithful people, they need to find someone to marry and be together for a long time. Then such people are not suitable for this social network. There are also couples who find each other through Badoo and get married, but this is very rare.

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New feature update

Latest Version: 5.247.0 (Updated on 23 Nov).

  • Add new features, improve user experience;
  • Redesigned interface is more optimized, easier to use;
  • Fix some minor bugs that users encountered in the old version.

If you have an idea you want to contribute to Badoo or have any problems with the app, you can contact the developer at [email protected].

MOD APK version of Badoo

MOD feature

  • No Ads
  • Free Bonus

Installation Instructions

  • As a first step, uninstall the Badoo app installed from Google Play (if you already have it installed);
  • To install Badoo MOD APK, you need to grant access to the app from an unknown source. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Security -> Unknown sources and toggle to enable this feature;
  • Proceed to download the Badoo MOD APK file at the bottom of this article and open it to proceed with the installation;
  • The last step, please open the application, register or log in to your account to start using this social network.


Does this social network collect user data with malicious intent?

According to the introduction from the developer, Badoo will not use the user’s information to perform any bad actions, and will not disclose personal information. And in fact, no users have commented on this issue.

Does Badoo have a large user base like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Although the number of users of Badoo is not as big as Facebook, it is also in the top of the largest social networks today. The Badoo app has received several hundred million downloads from Google Play, along with more than 5 million raiding.

Can I download Badoo MOD APK for my Xiaomi tablet?

Yes of course! Just follow the instructions as above.

How do I use the Premium version for free on my iPhone 11?

Unfortunately, this version is only for Android devices.

Is this Badoo MOD APK version safe? Can my account be banned forever?

Badoo MOD APK does not pose any danger to your device. And using the MOD version does not affect your personal account.

Download Badoo MOD APK latest version for Android

Experience Badoo to find yourself new relationships. With great features, this social network will bring you moments of fun chatting with everyone. Or especially your other half. Click on the link below to download and experience this amazing app!

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