Tinder v15.12.0 Mod APK (Gold Unlocked)

Last updated: 25/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:15.12.0
MOD Info:Gold Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

Are you tired of being single and funny and you want to find a feeling of love? Don’t know where to start and how? Don’t worry, let Tinder MOD APK help you with these problems.

Introduce about Tinder

Tinder is a leading online dating app with a large number of members. Similar to Badoo, it connects people around the world together on social networks. But this app is mainly focused on dating rather than making friends. To date, Tinder has received more than billions of cases and connected a large number of couples. If you believe, let us introduce this wonderful companion to you.

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Bridge connecting love

According to statistics, Tinder receives about 20 million cases per day. Tinder helps people learn and get to know each other. When you feel that the two of you are compatible, it may move to the dating phase. With the Swipe Right feature, you can initiate a confession to your opponent. If your subject likes you too and press the OK button, the 2 hearts will stitch together. This confession will keep you from the stress and fear of rejection. Although it is not an official confession, it is also a bridge to help you get closer together.

Highlight your profile

User profiles are the key to making an impression on others. Indeed! First impressions are always important, as it makes a good impression on you. So, create a truly impressive profile. Replace your profile picture with the best photos in your photo library. What’s more, fill in your personal information prominently so people can get to know you better.

Increase your profile’s rank to the top so people can easily find it. Obviously, when your profile is at the top of search, all the attention will be on you. Thus, you can get to know more people, more choices. Tinder will give you 5 super likes every day for you to use.

Object search

Instead of waiting for others to find you, why don’t you take the initiative to do it? The initiative will help you have more relationships, more confidence… If you “Like” someone, use the swipe right feature. If they like you too, they will do the same. Thus, a “match” will begin between the two of you. People can start to get to know each other, chat every day, and gradually progress to dating. For the rest, you can swipe left to scroll through the profiles you don’t like.

Many people will not be satisfied because of the above double selection feature. In fact, it doesn’t give you as much pressure as you think. The reason for the publisher to create a double pick, is because they want two people to really care about the “match”. Two people must care about each other, the conversation will not waste each other’s time. Nowadays, you will rarely find dating apps that can notice such small details!

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Feel free to express your feelings

Tinder allows you to freely Like, Comment the way you want. Express your feelings without limits to get the attention of someone you care about. If you’re not brave enough to text, comment on their post. It’s also a way for you to approach and get to know your audience. You can freely express yourself in the love world of Tinder.

Search by area

Tinder is a globally connected app, so you can see a lot of foreigners. Therefore, this application creates an area search feature so that you can find the closest objects. Or if you like people from a certain country, you can use this feature to filter the audience. Beautiful Russian girls, or masculine French guys… as long as you like, you can approach and get acquainted.

Tinder’s interface

Tinder is confident to be the easiest to use and smartest dating app available today. Vivid interface with bright colors, creating good inspiration for users to experience. Especially the theme color, it creates a feeling of happiness, full of love flavor. Therefore, this application makes a strong impression on users. They can easily recognize this as a dating app, even though they have never known it. The categories are clearly and subtly divided, you can quickly get used to and master using.

Tinder’s Plus Package

This is a premium subscription to Tinder and you have to pay to renew and maintain. Once registered, you will enjoy a number of Tinder exclusive features and offers.

  • Unlimited likes
  • Prioritize the top profile so everyone can see you in 30 minutes
  • Super Like so you stand out from everyone

Tinder Gold Package

Just like the Plus plan, but you enjoy a lot of great deals. Unlimited Likes, 5 Super Like per day, 1 boost per month. In particular, you will be given Gold Likes to see who is trying to confess to you. This saves you from spending a lot of time searching, can refine your audience and quickly find your partner.

Tinder MOD 444x789

MOD APK version of Tinder

MOD feature

  • Gold Unlocked

Since the Gold package includes the Plus package in it, you only need $ 14.99 per month to get all the huge offers from Tinder. However, this is not a small amount, a pretty big problem for many people. But with our version of Tinder Gold APK everything is completely free. You just need to download the free file below, we have permanently unlocked Tinder Gold, you won’t need monthly maintenance fee anymore. Feel free to experience and enjoy great features and offers from Tinder Gold APK.

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Download Tinder MOD APK at Redmod.co


Is Tinder’s MOD APK version permanent?

Yes. We guarantee you will be using the Gold subscription forever. Although the publisher offers many other paid features, you can also own them. Just update the new version of Tinder on our website, you will always be free.

Is Tinder safe when I give out my real information?

Do not worry. This app never steals user information or anything like that. The fact that you fill out the information on your profile is only for the purpose of creating your image. The publisher will not save it to the server or save it anywhere. Therefore, you can feel free to use it.

How to get more Super Likes on Tinder?

If you use the free version, you only get 5 Super Likes per day. Furthermore, you have to use it up as it cannot be stacked. In addition, when you sign up for the Gold package, the app will give you a few more Super Likes for free every day.

Reviews from users

How do users of Tinder rate this app? Are they satisfied with the outstanding features of this application? Take a look at their reviews with us!

“The app is pretty good and it works smoothly. I’ve made some interesting friends there. However, there’s one thing I’m really bored of when I find relationships on Tinder. Married people and people who are in a relationship should disclose that information on their profile. They waste the time of people who are really single and looking for a connection.”

“Whether this app works well or not depends on 2 things. First is how you put yourself out there and second is where you live. You can put as much effort into your profile as you want. But what if if you don’t live in a developed area, or are far from a big city, there is hardly a chance for a match to happen anywhere.This app works as intended, but i’m pretty disheartened for lack of connection that I can make”

“The app works perfectly. However, it has a lot of fake profiles and a lot of commerce. I may not care about it, but it’s annoying. Ads keep popping up on message boards. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the features Tinder has to offer. In the short time I’ve been using it, I’ve established more and more relationships.”

“Tinder is the best dating app I’ve ever used. Although the new updated version has minor bugs, it doesn’t affect my usage much. Here, I can find a lot of fun. have fun every day and get more dating opportunities.”

Download Tinder MOD APK for Android

Tinder prides itself on being the largest community of love connections. With great features, Tinder confidently makes it easier for couples to get closer together. Use and experience Tinder to begin your journey to find a true love for yourself. Click on the link below to proceed with the download.

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