Email Aqua Mail v1.40.1 b104001224 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 21/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.40.1 b104001224
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Aqua Mail
Package:Google Play Link

Email Aqua Mail is a mail browser for phones and tablets. App has high security, intelligence, and personalization ability. With all the features mentioned above, this is what is needed for a great experience.

Introduce about Email Aqua Mail 

Email Aqua Mail allows users to collect all mail from multiple sources in one place. The App also provides features for browsing, processing, manipulating, composing mail, and many other tasks. Overall, the experience on Email Aqua Mail will be almost identical to an email client. However, you will save a lot of time when everything is already “debugged”. The operation is simply swiping, touching the screen.

For any account, the app can do an excellent job. In particular, the application is very suitable for busy employees who have to process a lot of information at once.

Why gather all your emails in one place?

The importance and convenience of Email in communication and dialogue cannot be denied. This is still a commonly used tool for job exchange. However, the outstanding development of the information system has exposed many limitations to the application.

Among them are errors when creating and using email addresses. This causes trouble for many owners, hindering the process of exchanging work. It even has dire consequences.

Besides, the limitations of email also cause many “wretched” situations in everyday life.What if the account you’ve been using for a long time is no longer popular? reply to an email but forgot your own account password?

Of course, no one wants to be in such situations. Therefore, the only solution is to reduce them all to one termite for easy management.

What’s special about Aqua Mail email?

Although not as popular as Outlook, Gmail, Email Aqua Mail still owns a large number of users. It’s not by accident. The reason lies in the fact that the app can aggregate many email addresses, even the oldest sources. No need for complicated operations, you just need to enter your account’s username and password. After syncing, this will be the only “hub” you need to go to when you want to search for emails.

In addition to the ability to import them all into one, Email Aqua Mail also possesses convenient features, including:

  • Email Format
  • Color settings
  • Create and delete electronic signatures
  • Block ads
  • Backup and restore data

Widgets on the app also enhance convenience as you can receive notifications at the home screen. Interestingly, Email Aqua Mail also supports rare apps like Launcher and DashClock. Therefore, this could be the solution for everyone.

Currently, the app has almost unlimited number of accounts. You can use the Smart Folder feature for easy email navigation and management. Segmenting each mailbox and content will be the best way to control your email.

The application can well support the process of pushing corporate email via Exchange, Office 365,…  Therefore, for office workers, Email Aqua Mail will be an effective assistant. The App is currently displayed in about 20 languages, suitable for all working environments

Security on Email Aqua Mail

Security is also a top concern of users. For a mail aggregator app, we are also afraid by worrying about information disclosure. When using Email Aqua Mail, you can rest assured. The application currently possesses the following features:

  • Control app access via pin code and fingerprint
  • Set internet limit through wifi and data source permission
  • Backup and restore mail on cloud service with high security

MOD APK version of Email Aqua Mail 

Currently, users can easily download Email Aqua Mail for free on various websites. For office workers with a large amount of information, the MOD APK version will be the right choice. This version comprehensively upgrade all features. As a result, the user experience is optimized. You will no longer worry about security issues and information troubleshooting.

MOD features

Pro Unlocked

The MOD feature on Email Aqua Mail provides users with a Pro version of all tasks. Thereby, emails will be processed quickly and with absolute confidentiality. Email Aqua Mail MOD APK version is especially suitable for office workers and large businesses. In just one operation, you can control all the information on the email.

Download Email Aqua Mail MOD APK latest version for Android

If receiving hundreds of emails a day makes you tired, try Email Aqua Mail. This will be everyone’s effective assistant in daily work. Currently, you can download the app MOD APK version. Experience it now and don’t forget to share it with us.

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