Find My Kids v2.7.38-google Mod APK (Mở Khóa Premium)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.7.38-google
MOD Info:Mở Khóa Premium
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Find My Kids MOD APK is an application that is highly appreciated and trusted by parents. This application will help your child grow in the best and safest environment.

About Find My Kids: Parental Control

Find My Kids is a phone locator application. This application will be installed on both the follower’s and the person’s phone. For real-time usage monitoring. With the main function is to locate GPS and record their movement history. This is a great help for parents in protecting their children.

GPS Positioning

Once Find My Kids is installed on the devices, activate and create a link with the member devices. You can set up each member’s role to define each person’s access rights.

After installing the application, GPS will be activated immediately and maintained for a long time. You will now know the current location of your family members and their travel history. The “track log” feature will help parents keep track of their child’s travel schedule.

In addition, parents can take full control of their children’s devices and monitor them anywhere, anytime. For children, they cannot delete apps or access to change installed settings. Therefore, they can only obey what is allowed and always under the supervision of their parents.

Ambient sound

This is a feature that helps parents understand their child’s surroundings. Activated, the application will ask for permission to use the microphone on the child’s device, passing everything through the parent. It is a very convenient feature that helps parents easily monitor and protect their children.

High volume signal

Children often leave their phones in backpacks or on silent mode. So cannot receive any incoming calls. However, when they install the app, they can change the state of the machine and emit a large enough signal. In addition, thanks to this feature, children can find their phones more easily when they forget them.

Control device

Find My Kids will help parents control their kids’ phones. Because sometimes children are very curious and visit some websites with content not suitable for their age. With this feature, users can block children’s access from certain websites. Also control their usage time. Parents can also block access to other apps or games. This helps children not to be distracted during the learning process.

Chat with each other easily

Find My Kids also helps family members talk to each other. Besides, the application also provides a rich and fun sticker system. Users can freely use them during chat. Feel free to send a heart or words of encouragement if the child studies well and is obedient.

Monitor battery life

Finally, you can check how much battery is left on your child’s device. This is an equally important feature as the ones mentioned above. Children often forget to charge their phones. In this case, the batteries die while they are outside. You won’t be able to track your child’s location. So you can use it to remind your kids to charge their devices before going out.

MOD APK version of Find My Kids

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

Find My Kids is an incredibly smart tracking app for Android. Especially after unlocking Premium, parents will have more tools to help monitor their children anytime, anywhere. In particular, you do not need to spend money to upgrade Premium because there is a MOD feature for Find My Kids. You can use this application for free and enjoy other utilities.

Special features only used in Premium version:

  • Listen to the sounds around
  • Find out what your child is doing
  • Send notifications to your children as quickly as possible
  • There are still loud notifications if the phone is in silent mode
  • Send a warning to your child when not holding the phone
  • Instantly get travel history between locations

Download Find My Kids MOD APK latest version for Android

Find My Kids is one of the leading applications in helping users track children’s activities. Wherever they are, the app helps parents keep a close eye on every movement. Moreover, the app is very useful if parents want to perform those functions secretly. All data is always sent back to the parent’s main device without the kids knowing. What are you waiting for without downloading Find My Kid MOD APK version to experience it now!

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