Science News Daily v17.7 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 29/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:17.7
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Appsfornexus Digital Media
Package:Google Play Link

Science News Daily MOD APK is an application that provides rich and diverse scientific knowledge. The application helps you explore everything from a new and interesting perspective. Besides, there are convenient features that make the application experience easy and enjoyable.

Introduce about Science News Daily 

Are you passionate about science? Are you looking for an effective channel to accumulate information knowledge? Science News Daily is the app for you. The App owns a rich and diverse treasure of scientific knowledge, with many topics and genres. Every day, you will be provided with an interesting and useful scientific knowledge.

Besides, the app also allows you to explore more and personalize your favorite topics. This will definitely be an encyclopedia for those who love science. Let’s learn about the outstanding features of Science News Daily below.

Discover new scientific knowledge every day

Every day when the phone is on. you will be given a new scientific knowledge. This knowledge is culled from the application’s huge data store. In particular, they are all proven by reputable sources. From now on, your daily phone usage will no longer be meaningless. This is also an interesting way to access new knowledge, a way to learn that is easy to remember, understand and apply.

Rich and diverse information

The information provided by Science News Daily covers a variety of topics. Therefore, you will not be bored when receiving knowledge on many topics.

In case of need, you can completely limit the topics that you love. The App will only provide the information to that extent. In any case, the knowledge will always be accurate. Users will be completely attracted by the interesting information that the application brings.

Bookmark your favorites

If you find a piece of information particularly helpful, bookmark it for future reading. This feature is completely similar to Bookmark on Chrome browser. As a result, you can conveniently reopen previously bookmarked information, saving you tons of time. In particular, if you want to share certain information with friends and relatives, the app will do it many times faster.

Discover a lot of information at once

If you want to discover more information, you can completely open the app and read more knowledge. Science News Daily is an endless treasure of knowledge. Therefore, the application will always have new information for you to discover. Just scrolling down, you will absorb a lot of interesting knowledge. This experience will be much more useful than daily social media surfing.

You can completely invite friends with similar interests to explore information together. In the process, the feature of marking information will work optimally. In particular, after bookmarking, you can find those knowledge in the library section. The application allows you to rearrange the marked information scientifically.

Read news offline anytime, anywhere

Besides online discovery, the app also allows you to read news offline by downloading. In the process of reading news, if you are interested in a certain knowledge, you can choose to download it. That knowledge will fit in your library. Now, whenever you have free time, you just need to open the app. All the information you love will be available for you to read and share with those around you.

Besides, you can completely share information with friends through the application. With any interesting knowledge, you just need to click share and select the person you want to share. That knowledge will be immediately sent to them through messaging apps and social networks. This feature helps you expand your scientific co-exploration and connect with many new friends.

MOD APK version of Science News Daily 

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Science News Daily MOD APK latest version for Android

Science News Daily is the app that those who love science must have. App will provide you with a huge treasure of knowledge from many different reputable sources.

Usually, to get that knowledge, you will have to read and study a lot of books. With Science News Daily, however, this takes less than a minute. Just update your knowledge every day on the app, you will get a lot of useful knowledge. At this point, don’t be afraid to show it off to your friends.

Besides, the app also provides many convenient features to make your experience the best. You can bookmark information, choose favorites, and explore anytime, anywhere.

Currently, Science News Daily is available on many platforms for Android. But you should only download it in our article to be safe. To get apps, you need to allow downloading apps from unknown sources. Then simply search and download the app. Please download the application with the link below to experience the extremely interesting features!

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