v6.32 Mod APK (Free WARP+)

Last updated: 03/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:6.32
MOD Info:Free WARP+
Package:Google Play Link

You will be surprised by the capabilities of the application. This is an application that speeds up the network, download and browse the web quickly. For the job of securing your information, this is the most widely used application in the world. Below is our MOD APK version, you can consider using it.

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The use of the internet today is indispensable for anyone. The Internet is now an essential tool for any job in the world. Internet users, home internet users, everywhere use the internet. But not always have access to high-speed internet, or be guaranteed to be safe to use. Therefore, was born with the aim of increasing your network speed and maximum security.

This tool was first released 7 months ago. At that time, was only released to computer users. And a lot of users are interested in this amazing tool. Therefore, many users expect this tool to be available on mobile devices to use.

After a long time, the service company finally brought DNS to mobile platforms through apps on iOS and Android. Its official name is Faster & Safer Internet. This app is free to download on Google Play and AppStore. But you need money to use WARP +, a premium feature of this application. In today’s post, we bring the MOD APK to you. This version will allow you to use WARP without limitation.

High speed internet browsing with WARP

It’s annoying with the constatly spinning circles every time the network is poorly connected. As you know, changing DNS for phones is quite complicated and requires professional knowledge. However, for Android can solve this problem for you and change DNS settings with just a few taps.

Integrate WARP into, helping to optimize data network connectivity. WARP helps thousands of links through the Internet to achieve maximum performance, web browsing will also be faster. Built over UDP and Cloudflare protocols, WARP helps optimize mobile devices. for Android helps to connect to the internet faster using Cloudflare global network. The average speed will be improved by 28% over a normal connection.

The bandwidth used by WARP to access the internet is unlimited, but the traffic Cloudflare gives you free is limited. If the traffic is used up, you will no longer be able to connect to the internet. At that time, you can share the app with your friends to receive 1GB with each successfully invited member. Plus, you can get unlimited free traffic for $ 4.99 a month.

Higher privacy

Unusual connections to your network will be blocked by The app has encrypted traffic leaving your phone. Thereby, preventing anyone from snooping on your information. And in order to completely protect information for customers, the publisher commits not to sell your data.

By using the secure connections generated by, make sure that no one can detect your DNS queries. Some ISPs often use DNS queries to collect and sell user data. But with, that would never happen, even just using the data for advertising purposes.

Better security

This application will protect your phone from security threats like malware, phishing, cryptocurrency mining and other security threats. Open the app, open the DNS settings and turn on the Home option, the malicious factor blocking system is ready. Your confidential information will be completely protected by threats.

Cloudflare introduced DNS service on April 1. According to the company announcement, this DNS service provides impressive privacy protection by not storing iPhone addresses and logs for more than 24 hours, and prevents the carrier from tracking access history.

Browse apps and games

Not only supports you to browse the web, but also supports both using applications and games. There are apps or games that are blocked in certain countries. That made it impossible for players there to play the games they liked. But now you have this amazing application. You can play any game you like, or any application. This feature is not only the developer’s recommendation, but is rated by a lot of users.

Simple interface

Not only outstanding for great features, is also quite appreciated for the user experience. Because it is designed extremely simple interface that anyone can use. Actions to be able to launch the application easily and quickly. Although it only supports a single language, English, it is not difficult to learn. If you have any problems, please refer to the installation instructions and user manual in this article.

New feature of

Latest version with improvements and bug fixes to keep your DNS fast and securely connected to the Internet. Here is a list, but the improvements are noticeable:

  • Connection verifier to automatically check network connectivity after the tunnel is connected.
  • Improved user interface more eye-catching, easier to use.
  • Show the appropriate message if the active device limit is exceeded when adding a new license key.
  •  Added two new MDM flags for Cloudflare for Teams deployments. switch_locked to lock main switch and auto_connect to automatically reconnect tunnel after specified minutes.
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.


  • You can with WARP for free, but WARP + is a paid feature. You can choose at any time
  • Subscribe monthly to receive unlimited WARP + data during the subscription period
  • Your subscription will automatically renew for the same package and for the same price you signed up before
  • Cancel your subscription 24 hours before the renewal date to stop using premium features

User rating

The most prominent reviews on Google Play are always interested by many users. Because those reviews were the most engaged, the most authentic response. These may be the positive reviews, they may also be the bad points of the application. Here is a summary of some of the most prominent reviews for on Google Play.

“I have tested this application, the download speed of videos, APK files, … are much faster. It is really impressive”

“Very good! It improves the speed of both 3G, 4G and wifi networks. Even if my phone has a wifi line, I can still use normally”

“There are many ways to access blocked sites, but using is the best I’ve ever seen”

“Some years ago I used this app and it was great. Then at some point it just stopped working. Don’t know why. Nothing I tried to fix it. I removed reinstalled today. Different phone, updated version of Android. Immediately it didn’t work.As soon as I turned on DNS (not Warp), I lost the Internet. What. Turn it off and it works again. Don’t know why. “

MOD APK version of

MOD feature

You will get unlimited traffic when using the MOD APK version. With just a few extremely simple steps, you will not need to lose money to buy data packages anymore, enjoy using data.

Installation instructions (important)

  • Install original app on your phone.
  • Download and install Cloudflare Plugin.
  • Open, go to Settings => Advanced => Diagnostics.
  • Copy your ID (not your Public ID).
  • Close
  • Paste your ID into Cloudflare Plugin. Click Start. You will get 2GB.
  • Repeat this indefinitely (1 minute apart).
  • Open, double check your traffic.


Can I use this app to access banned websites in India?

Of course yes, you can access any website you want.

How to use WARP + for free?

There is only one way for you that is to use our MOD APK.

Can not high-profile phone use it?

This tool works smoothly on both high-end devices and devices with mid-range configuration.

Is this app really safe?

According to the developer’s recommendation, of course it’s very safe. And also no users reflect badly about it.

Does the MOD APK of have an incompatibility error on Android?

It is extremely rare to encounter incompatibilities. We tested it out by testing it on many phones and tablets. Everything is fine and without any hiccups.

Are there any dangers in APK files for the phone?

It is extremely safe. Not only APK file of but all APK files you download from REDMOD are safe.

Instructions for use

Although is an application with simple interface and very simple to use, but still many people do not know. So, we will guide you through the detailed steps to experience this amazing browsing tool.

Step 1. Proceed to download and install the application from the link below this article. Then you can read the installation instructions above.

Step 2. The installation is successful, open the app, click Get started. Select Done to continue.

Step 3. If you are a new user and open it for the first time, the system will apply for permission to add VPN configuration. This message is only displayed once. You have two options: just use, or use it in conjunction with Warp. To choose, click on the button in the upper right corner of the screen and then select the protocol you want to use.

In the main interface of the application, you just need to switch the button. When it shows up on the status bar the VPN icon as shown below is you can use.

Download MOD APK for Android

The fast and secure connection speed is always the first choice of every person. Therefore, is the leading app on Google Play with the most positive reviews. Absolutely confidentiality of your information, from malware, really makes you feel secure to use. Right now, you can download and install MOD APK from the link below.

Note, to install the MOD version, you need to read the detailed instructions above. You cannot install in the normal way for this application.

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