Turbo VPN v4.0.8.3 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 15/07/2022 (2 years ago)

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MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Publisher:Innovative Connecting
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As you know, today there are many VPNs released to meet the needs of users surfing the web. But not all applications are absolutely safe and of good quality. Therefore, you need to know how to choose for yourself the best VPN application. Or you can visit RedMod.co, here we select the best VPNs for you. Today, we present to you the top VPN available today, Turbo VPN.

Introducing Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is an application released by Innovative Connecting, a mobile applications company. This app has received hundreds of millions of downloads from Google Play. Along with that is 4 million active raiting from users. The average raiting for this app is 4.5 stars. Here are a few of our reviews after experiencing Turbo VPN.

Experience high speed?

As recommended by the developer, Turbo VPN allows you to use for free, access anywhere with high speed. With this application, you can access websites with unlimited traffic. Especially with long-term, uninterrupted access, … Like other applications, Turbo VPN encrypts data using the OpenVPN protocol. And this application supports you to use any form of mobile network such as wifi, 3G, 4G and LTE, ….

However, the actual experience with this app is not as advertised. According to the top VPN experts, they did a survey to evaluate this issue. They tried using normal network and then chose Turbo VPN. The results show that the normal network connection brings faster and more stable speed than using this application. They have tried connecting to many different servers, but the results are not impressive.

Safe for users

According to the affirmation from the developer, Turbo VPN is a reliable and absolutely secure application. It is not required to get real information from the user. If so, they will be absolutely secure, you don’t have to worry about it.

Basic features like anonymous browsing and hiding IP addresses are all made possible by this tool. These are features that are not new to today’s VPN applications, so we will not review them further.

Web site access is blocked

In addition, you can also access websites that are blocked in your country. Currently, there are many famous websites that have to block users in certain countries for some reason. But with this app, you can access them at the same high speed as you normally would. Any website is easily unlocked for you to access.

Host system

To get the fastest connection speed, VPNs need to be distributed properly across the server system. Depending on your location, you may be able to connect to a high quality server or not. Currently, Turbo VPN has server systems in many countries around the world. But the number of servers is also not appreciated on this platform.

For the free version, Turbo gives you unlimited bandwidth and 9 servers in 8 countries without any restrictions. As for the paid version, the network has up to 29 servers. They are distributed reasonably in 15 countries worldwide.

It sounds like the Turbo server system is very powerful. But that’s not enough, there are many other VPNs that have much more powerful server systems. If you want to find a VPN with server systems everywhere, you can choose Express VPN.


The first downside of Turbo VPN is advertising. This is a drawback with any other VPN application. For the free version, you must see the ad from the developer. But the advertisements introduced in this application are also quite simple. It doesn’t play the video, you just turn it off right away. This is just one downside of the free version. If you upgrade to Premium plan, this disadvantage has been removed.

Another thing that many users care about Turbo VPN is the Turbo VPN privacy policy. They don’t log in information from users but can choose to share the information they collect from users in a variety of ways. So where do they get their information? The app’s main concern is that its main server is located in China. This is an inaccurate country in terms of Internet privacy. And this VPN app is not supported for users in China.

As a side note, Turbo VPN is only reliable when you use the “fastest server” option. If you don’t disconnect your traffic, your traffic can be easily exposed when the connection is down.

Compare Turbo VPN with other VPNs

Compared to other VPN apps, Turbo VPN has many outstanding features. Along with that is the outstanding speed when in use.

Another advantage of Turbo VPN is that you can choose the VPN locations you want to connect to. For example USA, India, Canada, UK. Or even the Netherlands and Singapore with just a single touch. That’s a difference from other VPN apps. Because other VPN apps have to upgrade to Pro, VIP or Premium plans to do this.

There are many outstanding features compared to other apps, but this app still has one minus point, which is the price. The price for Turbo VPN Premium version is quite high compared to other applications. This is exactly what many users are dissatisfied with.

New features updated

Turbo is constantly changing and constantly improving to enhance the user experience. Through each update, it fixes the minor bugs encountered in the old version. They always listen to user reviews and allow users to comment. With that, the developer has improved and protected user privacy. The interface of the application also has changes to make it easier for users to use. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the developer at: [email protected].

User rating

To give the best overview of Turbo VPN, we will provide the most prominent user reviews for this app. Those are comments on Google Play, the largest app store available today. These comments were the most interactive by users. There will be positive reviews, and also disadvantages that users face.

“That’s good, for a free VPN this is a solid option. Although the privacy policy seems a bit sketchy to me. And it asks you to rate the app in itself as well, but it’s good.” if you choose anything below 4 stars. It just says “rated success” and doesn’t link you to the Play Store. “

“So far, I am quite satisfied and secure with TURBO VPN. I haven’t seen any” bad behavior “or insecurity when entering my personal information. weak game-related. But what do you expect when it’s FREE? Thanks TURBO for allowing me to trust your app. PLEASE, keep up! “

“It is indeed the best VPN application I have ever used, safe, stable ping, quite good speed compared to other apps. As far as I have measured the download speed is about 33 mbps and the upload speed is about 26mpbs. Really very well, everyone should download to use. “

MOD APK (Premium) version of Turbo VPN

MOD feature

Like other VPN apps, Turbo VPN also has a premium version for you to upgrade your account. Upgrade to a Premium account for $ 11.99 per month, you’ll experience the premium features of this version. If you buy this premium package each year, it will cost you about $ 2.99 per month. As soon as you prepay for 12 months, you will enjoy this price. However, this is an extremely high price for a VPN application.

However, we understand that so we have brought you a Turbo VPN MOD APK version. This release unlocks all the premium features of the Premium version. Therefore, you can easily download and experience this application without any charge. Here are the premium features available in the Premium version:

  • Not bothered by ads during use
  • There are more faster, more advanced servers for you to choose from
  • Uniquely optimized for speed, providing the fastest experience
  • Bring more countries to choose from

Instructions to install Turbo VPN APK

  • If you have the free version of Turbo VPN installed, you need to uninstall it. Since our MOD version is an APK file, you cannot install over the original.
  • Next, download the Turbo VPN MOD APK file below this article. You should only download at REDMOD for the fastest download speed and the file is not dangerous.
  • The download is complete, open the APK file to install the application
    Once installed, open the app and grant the necessary system permissions
  • The final step is to experience it without signing up for a Premium account

User manual

  • If you have never used a VPN before, we will show you in detail how to use Turbo VPN. Please follow the steps below to experience it.
  • The first step, you download the app from Google Play or our MOD APK. If you download the APK, please read the installation instructions above.
  • Access to Settings on your phone and navigate to Connections (Wifi, Bluetooth, Data usage …). Then you navigate to the More connection settings section.
  • Next, you find the last part with the word VPN and then you choose to go to the VPN section
  • Open the application you just installed, click on the carrot icon on the home screen.
  • As a final step, you just need to select the VPN location you want to connect to to experience.


Is this application reliable?

Regarding the introduction, of course the developer asserts that this application is very reliable and not dangerous. And there have not been any cases of Turbo VPN being malicious or collecting user data for bad things.

Is the paid version of Turbo VPN worth it?

Compared to other VPN tools, Turbo is really not worthy of such a high price. But its free version stands out above other VPNs. That is why you should choose our Turbo VPN MOD APK version.

Does it work in China?

This app is not supported for users in China.

Is Turbo VPN free to try?

You can try it out for free for the first 7 days. However, you must register in advance. If you don’t want to lose money, you must cancel your subscription to the Premium plan before the 7-day trial period.

If I don’t like it, can I get a refund with the Premium plan?

The developer does not support refunds if you have paid. Therefore, you should consider carefully before subscribing to the Premium plan.

With which platforms can I use Turbo VPN?

Currently, Turbo VPN supports both Android, iOS and computer systems such as PC, Laptop, …

Is your MOD APK version working well?

Tất nhiên, bản MOD APK của chúng tôi đã được thử nghiệm và kiểm duyệt thường xuyên!

Download Turbo VPN MOD APK for Android

Through the above reviews, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of Turbo VPN. It has many advantages over disadvantages. Perhaps the most concern about this app is simply the high price tag. Overall, this is a high quality, reputable, and secure VPN for you. Right now, you can download Turbo VPN MOD APK completely free to experience.

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