UFO VPN v2.4.9 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 11/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:2.4.9
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Publisher:UFO VPN
Package:Google Play Link

In today’s article, we continue to introduce a VPN application for you. That is UFO VPN, an application that is quite popular today. It was released on October 19, 2018.

Introduce about UFO VPN

Like other VPN apps, UFO VPN is free to download with basic features. So far, it has received more than 20 million downloads through the Google Play app store. This proves that UFO VPN is a good quality application, good experience and reliable. In this article, we give you a bit of a UFO VPN review for you. After that, we provide the link to download UFO VPN MOD APK for you. This is a special version that you cannot find on the official app store.

Experience outstanding speed

The first highlight that we mention is the connection speed of UFO VPN. Because this application distributes servers across regions of the world, from Asia, Europe, the Americas, Pacific region and more. Therefore, users around the world can find the right server for their location and connect quickly. More specifically, UFO VPN does not limit the access speed and bandwidth of users. Thanks to that, it can achieve the best performance when browsing the web.

The connection speed is a very important thing for VPNs today. To get fast connection speeds, developers need to place servers in as many places as possible. With a reasonable distribution of the server system, UFO VPN makes users enjoy the connection speed that it brings.

Fake IP and anonymous when browsing

Today, anyone needs to browse the web without revealing their identity and history. Therefore, UFO VPN helps you browse the web safely and confidentially by intelligently hiding your identity and history. No one or anyone will be able to track your usage.

In addition, this application also supports fake IP to other locations. Because at present, there are some websites and applications that are limited to certain countries. Users need to fake the IP address to use that service. And UFO VPN allows you to do this simply. Normally, when you use other fake IP tools on mobile, it is much slower and laggy than normal web surfing. But UFO VPN gives you a smooth experience and stable speed, not slow.

Unblock all websites and applications

For various reasons, many websites and applications block users in certain countries. Users in that country will not have access to that website or application, even if they want to. But thanks to UFO VPN, you can access any blocked websites or blocked applications in your country. This is really a great feature and necessary for many users.

Intuitive interface, easy to use

An important thing for each VPN application is the user interface and experience. Because these applications are intended for users around the world, it must be easy to use. UFO VPN is designed with an intuitive interface and is quite simple for users to get used to. Therefore, you will not take much time to get acquainted with this application. You can use it the first time you access it.

New feature

In the latest update, UFO VPN has fixed some small bugs. Usually, these minor errors are only encountered in a few devices, not all. In addition, this app also gets an upgrade in the speed of the VPN experience. Another small change is the new design of the interface. This is the version to celebrate the new year 2021.

The downsides of UFO VPN

No application can have all the advantages without drawbacks. After experiencing the UFO VPN, we discovered a few notable downsides of it. The first is that the streaming is not really good. This tool unlocks Netflix and other apps, but to access Hulu or Amazon, you need a different provider.

Another downside of UFO VPN happens on computer equipment. It doesn’t work really well on the computer, users have to restart it many times to use it. In addition, UFO VPN does not provide support for customers who can contact them. Although on Google Play, they leave contact information, but in reality, did not receive any response from them.

Another issue that makes users worry is security. There have been millions of UFO VPN user data logs investigated and discovered. This information is found in an unprotected database exposing data such as real IP address, location and even account passwords. The developer has stated they have resolved the issue. But while their website says they don’t collect user logs. Although no serious data theft has occurred, but this still worries users.

MOD APK version of UFO VPN

MOD feature

You can download and use UFO VPN for free, but not all the best. With the free version, you can only use some available servers. There will be more advanced servers for you to change to speed up the connection and use speed. Of course, this feature is only available in the UFO VPN VIP version. The UFO VPN VIP version requires a monthly maintenance fee, you can support the developer by purchasing the VIP package. However, for some reason many people are unable to get the VIP version. Therefore, we bring UFO MOD MOD version that has unlocked all VIP features. Thanks to that, you can experience this application completely free.

Download UFO VPN MOD APK for Android

In general, UFO VPN is also a prominent and popular VPN application. It gives you many basic features of a VPN. And the price for UFO VPN VIP version is not high compared to other VPN applications. Finally, you can download UFO VPN MOD APK now to experience it. In addition, you can choose a few other popular VPNs such as Panda VPN, Turbo VPN, ExpressVPN.

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