Daynote v4.2.2 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 14/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.2.2
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Daynote MOD APK is a free personal diary note taking application. Daynote makes it possible to take notes in the most natural way.

Introduce about Daynote

Daynote is a password-protected note-taking and journaling application. The application can record your daily activities and experiences. Your private ideas, journeys, moments are guaranteed to be secure. You can organize your day to protect your memories and think about the future.

In life, there are countless memorable memories that happen throughout life. Human memory is not infinite, we can forget about those memories at any time. You should record them in a scientific and convenient way. This application can effectively assist you in this.

How can Daynote help you?

The application can be used as a place to write notes or record daily life. The application is a place to store your memories, moments with friends and loved ones. It has added interesting features such as interface, expressions,… to increase user experience.

Collection of templates, eye-catching fonts

The scientific arrangement makes it easy for users to find the memories they want. The application provides users with the most beautiful and scientific themes. Or you can create your own application space, creating the desired color.

Besides, Daynote supports users with a variety of colors, formatting tools, and fonts. From there, your scrapbook is more colorful, more vivid with the feature of adding images.

Easy to use

Daynote has an interface that does not have too many tools or shortcuts, simply a notepad. Users can easily learn by themselves without having to look for manuals. Many people have been very pleased with the ease of use of this application.

However, there are still users who reflect on the interface as well as how to use the application. Some people think that the application should add more note items instead of just one. Some people think that they should see the full sentence instead of 3 dots in the skimming section.

Information security for users

None of us want to have our diary read by someone else. Diary contains many privacy issues, when exposed will create many awkward situations. Therefore, not many enthusiasts use paper diaries anymore because of their low security. This application can overcome this drawback thoroughly, you do not have to worry about being read secretly.

This tool uses a fingerprint lock to ensure your security. Using biometric information is one of the highest security measures. Facial recognition can also be applied in application security. If users forget their password, don’t worry Daynote has an easy password recovery policy.

Keeping thrifts

Daynote has support for switching accounts between devices. The data is synced the same even if you sign in to use the app on the new device. Once you have written on Daynote, only when you delete the data will it disappear.

The application uses google drive storage to synchronize all information. Besides, it also supports Auto Backup users with Backup & Restore Personal Diary feature. Users can also export files out of the app as pdfs to enhance backups.

Works offline

With Daynote you can use the application anywhere, anytime without the need of a network. Every time you have a memorable memory, you can immediately use Daynote to preserve it. All features of this application can be used offline. When the network returns, the data is quickly backed up and uploaded to the drive.

Announcement Announcement

When the anniversary arrives, Daynote will automatically remind you so you don’t forget important dates. Besides, the application will remind you every day about journaling. This feature can be turned off in the application settings.

MOD APK version of Daynote

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

Users are free to unlock premium features of the application. After downloading the MOD version, you can get the following features:

  • The text editor is supported with more features
  • Backups are done automatically
  • Remove ads
  • Your entries are converted to pdf
  • Watermark can be deleted or changed
  • Unlock all themes, fonts, backgrounds and moods

Download Daynote MOD APK latest version for Android

Daynote is currently a tool for editing and preserving memories that is trusted by hundreds of thousands of people. Installing this application you can easily save memories and share with loved ones. The application that stores the best memories every day all year round can be reproduced most vividly. What are you waiting for, download Daynote right away and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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