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Last updated: 28/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0
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Yacine TV is an online TV viewing app for Android. It owns the copyrights of many of the world’s top TV channels. Completely free and high quality, that’s the strength of this app. Specifically, please join us to find out!

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Introduce about Yacine TV

Nowadays, the demand to watch TV online is much more popular. Simply because it is extremely convenient, you can watch anywhere, anytime. Therefore, many online TV viewing applications have been launched to serve the needs of users. However, not all apps are quality and secure. Through many experiences, we would like to introduce to you Yacine TV.

This is an extremely popular application in France and Saudi Arabia. It brings you many TV channels with full genres. With the variety of content, you can use Yacine TV all day without getting bored. This application is only available for all existing Android devices so the user does not experience any compatibility issues.

Completely free and high quality

The factor for users to choose an online TV viewing application is quality and price. Both of these elements Yacine TV did a great job. HD video quality can be up to 4K, giving users the best experience. Sharp resolution produces realistic, vivid scenes. Especially, this application is completely free. Only sometimes a little advertising, but it deserves what this application brings.

Content variety

Yacine TV brings you countless popular TV channels from around the world. Therefore, you can comfortably enjoy the content you love. From entertainment, gameshow, movies, sports, study or news, choose any channel and enjoy it in your spare time. You can also preview the broadcasts in the introduction. Thus, you can know what programs or movies are coming up so that you can actively watch time so that it is reasonable. With Yacine TV, you can capture the world in the palm of your hand.

Watch copyright football

If you live in a country outside of Europe, it can be difficult to watch copyrighted football matches. The charm of Europe’s top national championships is something everyone can recognize. But with the arrival of Yacine TV, you don’t have to watch pirated links anymore. Now you can officially watch copyrighted top football. This app owns Europe’s top sports channels. And of course, these channels will broadcast all the great games to you.


Set up personalization for more convenience during your use. Set your favorite channels for priority. From there, you can quickly watch the TV channels you need quickly. In addition, you can install its interface according to your own style. Personalization also allows you to log in on other devices to keep the original settings.

Intuitive interface

Yacine TV gives you a simple, smart interface. TV channels are sorted and classified by clear categories. You can quickly find your favorite TV channel. You can also set the list view to grid, vertical, or horizontal row to your liking. Red background tones make it easier to see whether it’s day or night. You can also choose other themes if you want. Usage is simple because Yacine TV’s interface is very user-friendly. This app is always geared towards the most comfortable experience for anyone using it.


The app also has some important notes that you need to keep in mind:

  • All Other Trademarks and Trademarks Are The Property of Their Corresponding Owners.
  • All images, videos in Yacine TV are copyrighted, you cannot take them for commercial purposes
  • This app was created by fans of free games to help other players win. But this is an app, not a game!

Download Yacine TV APK for Android

There’s no reason to turn down an app as good as Yacine TV! Content variety, quality and free, are the elements of a top streaming TV app. With what it offers, we are confident it will satisfy even the most demanding people. Below is the APK file of Yacine TV, you can start enjoying it now!

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