BeeTV v3.3.6 Mod APK (Extra)

Last updated: 23/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.3.6
MOD Info:Extra
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

BeeTV MOD APK is an online movie watching application that you should not ignore. This application is completely free, but its features are not inferior to any paid application!

Introduce about BeeTV

Today, TVs are no longer the first place to watch movies for users. When smartphones can do the same things, even much more. Accompanying it is the birth of many applications to watch movies online. We have seen the explosion of Netflix, iQIYI Video in this area. Increasing competition has resulted in some free apps offering content that is not inferior to paid apps. One of them is BeeTV, a product of the publisher of the same name.

What do users expect from BeeTV?

Like you, I have a lot of requirements when looking for an application to watch movies online. And my top search goal is free. Because otherwise, I would have used Netflix, the largest paid movie application today. Its features and quality do not need to be proven. Secondly, I want to watch copyrighted movies, I’m sure you guys think like me. Copyright movies are not easy to find on pirated websites, if there are, the quality is also very poor. Those are the two most important factors, and when I came to BeeTV, I was really satisfied.

How great is BeeTV?

Diverse content

BeeTV has an extremely large movie library with a full range of genres. The movies are all ready for you to quickly access and enjoy. Even the movies are copyrighted, it is ready to play for you for free. You can find any movie through the search bar. In addition, you can also use filters to output your favorite genres. BeeTV updates new movies extremely fast thanks to the team working 24/7. Just with this application, you will hold the world of international movies in the palm of your hand.

No ads

There are many free apps similar to BeeTV, but most of them have ads. They don’t charge for the content, but instead they place ads for maintenance funding. The BeeTV is different, it is a “clean” application in both the literal and figurative sense. For users who don’t have much need to watch movies every day, they will love BeeTV. They are willing to pay for other apps, but since they can only watch two to three movies a month, the monthly subscription is also quite wasteful.

Good video quality

I also tested the video quality of BeeTV in some recent movies. I found most videos can be up to 1080p quality. This is what I wanted from the beginning, because a clear image will make watching movies more comfortable. The video quality is quite stable and you can customize it if you feel the internet is a bit weak.

No need to create an account

Not only is it free, you don’t even need to create an account when using BeeTV. When I opened the application, I selected “Guest” mode. It allows you to use BeeTV as usual, but the user’s history and usage habits will not be saved. However, for people who do not watch movies as often as I do, the synchronization or personalization features are not necessary. What most users care about is that they find their favorite movie and have the most stable quality.

Simple interface

The list of features and content of BeeTV are displayed in the main interface. It’s as simple as that for easy access by users. Add some user-changing themes and light and dark interface to protect eyes. The best and most visited content will be suggested for everyone to refer to.

MOD APK version of BeeTV

MOD features

  • No ads
  • Graphics are optimized and aligned with the zip method
  • Disabled / Removed Unwanted Permissions + Recipients +
  • Supplier + Service
  • Cleaned resource
  • Disabled subtitle selection dialog
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase has been disabled
  • No update required

Download BeeTV MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, BeeTV is very suitable for you to entertain every weekend with attractive movies. It offers a wide variety of movie content and is completely free. No need to create an account, no need to sign in, easy access to all the features inside the app. This application is not inferior to any paid application, both in terms of features and movie library. There is no similar free app better than BeeTV, don’t miss it!

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