HDToday TV APK v1.0 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 31/12/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:HDToday TV
Package:Google Play Link

HDToday TV APK is the best app to watch movies and TV series online for free. This application is compact but can hold a whole world of movies. Pick up your phone and start enjoying the content you love now!

Introduce about HDToday TV

Before the advent of many famous movie watching applications such as Netflix or iQIYI Video, HDToday TV APK still has a place of its own. The application has the ability to update quickly and the video quality is extremely sharp. There are many other factors that make HDToday TV the best app available today. Right now, we will find out together!

HDToday TV 888x498
The main interface recommends you all the latest movies right now

Big movie world

Before this application was born, the publisher operated mainly on one website, which was HDToday.tv. But if you use a phone, then this app will be more appropriate. HDToday TV shows all genres of movies from movies, TV series, series… Even old movies from the 80s, 90s can be found on this app. About the series, this application is the most complete collection of all the episodes. If you watch an old series on a certain website, you will often find that some episodes are broken or missing. Therefore, the publisher always pays attention to this issue and provides you with the most complete movies.

As for theatrical movies, you can find just about any blockbuster. HDToday TV is confident to be the most complete movie library available today. Surely you will like the series of Marvel movies, Fast and Ferious, DC… this application can provide. What about the new movies? Spiderman No Way Home, Number Matrix, Shangchi have also appeared on the main screen of the application. With just one touch, you can start enjoying without having to go to the theater.

TV show

In addition to the movie store with more than 400,000 videos, you can also enjoy how entertainment TV channels around the world are in this application. Enjoying entertaining TV shows every day is also a great way to relax. You can choose any TV channel from the list or choose a program recommended by the application. One weakness of this app is that it doesn’t seem to have multiple subtitles. TV channels or movies are broadcast in the original language, mainly English.

HDToday TV APK 888x462
Each movie has a specific rating and description to make it easier for you to choose

Great video quality

Regarding recent movies, HDToday TV always brings the best quality to viewers. If the network speed is strong enough, you can smoothly watch 1080p full HD video. Together with the cinema-style screen, you can enjoy the best emotions of a blockbuster movie. Conversely, you can reduce to 720p to avoid slow downloads if the network speed is a bit slow. In particular, you can choose to download the video to be able to completely remove the above conditions. Watch offline, you will never be annoyed by slow downloads or lag.

What about old movies? At that time, the technology of filming was not very strong, so many films had quite bad images. If you view it on some other website, even the image is almost impossible to view. Simply because they just get back the versions from elsewhere that have not been calibrated. HDToday TV is the app that does this very well, it gives you original quality. Thanks to that, you can fully enjoy movies from the 80s or 90s.

Free to use

Like the website, the HDToday TV app is also completely free to use. You can freely access all your favorite content. No ads, no paid features appear in this app. You don’t even have to create a login account. You just need to download this application to your phone and immediately access the movies. This is the strength of HDToday TV that makes it gradually more known. It has many premium features comparable to paid apps, but is completely free.

HDToday TV Download 888x472
Excellent playback quality, can be connected to the big screen

Connect to the big screen

You can transfer images from the app to a larger screen. HDToday TV allows users to increase the experience of watching blockbuster movies by showing them on larger devices. Thanks to that, you can turn your home into a cinema room. To connect, you just need to make sure the two devices share the same internet. The system will automatically recognize and ask you “Do you want to connect?”. With just one tap, you can instantly enjoy a great time with your favorite movies.

Friendly interface

Even if you have never used a similar application before, you can easily get acquainted with HDToday TV. It has a smart, clean and minimalist user interface. The categories are clearly divided according to the content. Thanks to that, users can easily access the videos they want. The top search bar is extremely convenient for you to filter out your favorite movie genres. Its interface theme is also quite beautiful, impressing users from the first time.

APK version of HDToday TV

HDToday TV is not a Google product, so you can’t find it in the store. To be able to use it, you just need to download HDToday TV APK below our article. After successful installation, you can immediately open the application and experience.


Is HDToday TV APK safe?

Of course. All the products we offer are absolutely safe. There won’t be any malicious virus to affect your phone. We have carefully censored, you can rest assured and feel free to use.

Where can I update to the new version of HDToday TV?

Right here. Our website always updates the new version of every application as quickly as possible. Including this application, you just need to visit Redmod.co regularly for the fastest updates on new version information.

Is HDToday TV completely free?

Yes. You cannot find a paid feature in this app. All content, including movies and TV channels, is freely accessible. There are some ads in the app, but it doesn’t affect your experience much.

Download HDToday TV APK for Android

Overview, HDToday TV APK is a perfect app to watch movies and TV. This application is completely free, but the features are not inferior to the paid applications. Fast update speed, high quality video presentation, now you can enjoy the movie world anytime, anywhere. Video player with many utility options, giving you a great experience. If you are really in need of a perfect movie watching app, don’t hesitate to download it now!

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