Netflix v8.52.0 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:8.52.0
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

Referring to the best movie watching service today, surely you have known as Netflix. This is an American movie streaming service, popular in the US and many other countries around the world. This is a movie viewing platform that supports many different devices. You can view it directly on the system website via browser or download the application to any device.

Introduce about Netflix

Netflix has been established since 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. This platform provides a huge inventory of videos with high quality and full copyright. Just connected to the internet, you can enjoy the great content of this platform.

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Huge repository of content

Netflix is a famous movie viewing platform with a huge movie warehouse. Here, you will enjoy your favorite movies with the best quality. Netflix offers a wide range of movie genres, selected from many countries around the world. You can easily enjoy them on any device such as TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, … With a huge movie store already, Netflix is constantly adding new content. Therefore, you will not miss any new trending movies.

With such a large movie collection, but the quality of each movie that this application delivers is extremely impressive. There aren’t any low-quality or pirated movies in the platform.

Peace of mind about copyright

Any official movie platform will need to obtain copyright from the owner of each movie. This is also a way to support filmmakers. And most importantly, we should not watch pirated web movies to avoid dangers and support app developers. Every movie on the Netflix platform is copyrighted officially. Therefore, you can be completely assured of this application.

Outstanding movie quality

The most impressive feature of Netflix is the user experience. You will enjoy movies in high quality up to 4K. Not only that, you can also customize the video quality to match the quality of the network you are using. This is a rare feature in other movie viewing applications. Thanks to this feature, you can watch movies on smart TV with the best pictures! As always, the app lets you customize the quality from low to high, from 140p to 4K. If your network connection is unstable, you should leave it on automatically so you won’t interrupt watching movies.

Movie viewing is best when you watch it on a TV with a large screen. With Netflix, you can watch movies of outstanding quality on smart TVs. This is how Netflix differentiates it from other movie viewing platforms today.


Another smart feature of Netflix is that it makes suggestions based on user preferences. The system will learn your preferences through your movie viewing history. Thanks to that, you will see the suggestions that are right for you. You can watch the best movies without having to search. Although this feature is not new, but Netfix still makes a difference compared to other platforms. The system analyzes more closely about user preferences, so the relevant suggestions will surely make you satisfied.

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As the application is widely used, so the publisher of Netflix is also very interested in the interface. They want users to be impressed from the first look at Netflix’s interface. Categories, suggestions, search … are neatly designed and clearly divided. It can be said, Netflix’s interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. Just swipe, you can easily choose your favorite channels. The movie screen also matches the phone, showing extremely handy options such as: 10s forward, channel switch, subtitles …

User experience

In addition, the Netflix application is also appreciated for the interface that meets the needs of the user. It has a nice, simple and easy to use interface. Add to that the smooth, fast speed, fast and efficient search features, and beautiful image quality. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you will quickly get acquainted with this application.

The minus point of Netflix

From the very first days of release, Neflix has a high price compared to the general premises. Therefore, many people want to use this service but are not eligible. And when you sign up for an account and pay, you must have an international payment account. Of course, not everyone has an international payment account to do this.

The next minus point many people dislike about Neflix is the lack of language diversity. A lot of popular movies have English subtitles only. Therefore, people who do not speak English will not be able to watch the movies they want. Although English is the most popular language today, we still hope developers can add more languages.

Though Netflix’s movie arsenal is huge, most are American and European. Very few Asian movies are included in this application. Meanwhile, films from Asia are now being interested in many other countries in the region.

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Compare Neflix with other movie apps

Outstanding points

  • The movie repository is bigger than any other movie viewing platform
  • Excellent image quality
  • Lets you watch movies in 4K quality on a TV
  • The interface is more intuitive, easier to use


  • Netflix’s price is much higher than other apps
  • No trial allowed
  • Many premium features are hidden
  • Little language subtitles

Premium Netflix package

Premium package provides the best video quality – 4K. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you can adjust the resolution to SD or HD to avoid stuttering.

If you use all the features of the premium plan, it will be the most economical option. You can share it with three other people, you will be given a kids account. This plan is for family, but you can join with friends. Considering the cost after breaking it down, you’ll see how cheap it is.

Should you use a premium Netflix package?

In general, the cost of subscribing to a premium plan is not expensive. Since the premium account is shareable, you can invite others to join. Therefore, the cost will be significantly reduced and also a free child account. In addition, when using the premium plan, you will experience a multitude of exclusive features and offers. Can say about:

  • One account, multiple devices
  • Watched offline
  • Free trial for one month
  • Additional subtitles are provided
  • Completely remove ads
  • Personalized
  • Watch 4K quality
  • Unlock all channels

Not only that, but also a multitude of special benefits that we have not mentioned. In our opinion, if you are a movie and TV enthusiast, a premium Netflix subscription is the perfect and most economical option. You will have a great experience with this world’s leading TV streaming application.

MOD APK version of Netflix

This Netflix app also offers a Premium version. This version has fixed all the minus points that we mentioned above. Of course, this premium version needs to pay extra to use. But with our Netflix MOD APK, you can experience all of that for free.

MOD Premium features

  • No need to pay usage fees
  • No login account required
  • Watch 4K quality movies
  • Supports subtitles in all languages

Installation Instructions

  • First, download the Netflix MOD APK file from the link below this article. You do not need to uninstall the original Google Play
  • In the next step, you access the file manager and open the downloaded APK file to proceed with the installation
  • The installation process takes about a minute, soon after you can experience it!


What is Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming service that brings a variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries and more on thousands of Internet-connected devices. You can view as many as you like, any time you want without encountering an ad – all for one low monthly price. There’s always new content to explore and new TV shows and movies added every week!

How much does it cost per month to watch Netflix?

Watch Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop or streaming device, for just one flat monthly fee. Service packages range in price from 180,000 VND to 260,000 VND per month. No surcharges, no contracts.

How do I unsubscribe from Netflix?

Netflix is very flexible, with no annoying contracts, no strings attached. You can easily cancel your online account in just two clicks. There is no cancellation fee – you can start or stop your account at any time.

What is attractive about Netflix?

Netflix has an extensive library of feature films, documentaries, TV shows, anime, Netflix award-winning works, and more. Unlimited viewing anytime you want.

Reviews from users

You can check out some reviews of people who already use Netflix. They will tell you the exact pros and cons. Here are some reviews on Google Play:

“The platform for watching movies is great, but the only suggestion to the developer is that it should not only focus on TV shows but also focus on Movies, so regularly update new movies, blockbuster movies, Asian movies “

“The movie app is very good and stable. Netflix’s strength is always the amount of quality exclusive movies worth watching. But movies that are not produced by netflix are very slow to update”

“Many good movies, but need to add vietsub to Korean movies because my family shares them, I also want my mother to watch”

“Been using for 3 months, very good application, a great experience. Sorry to be rival of Disneyplus soon. Fighting!”

“The quality of the movie is too good but need to upload more movies that have been released, such as the twilight series that has been in a long time, but now there is a schedule for uploading a movie or avengers infinity war that has been available since last year, but there is no above here, although but still give 5 stars encouragement “

Download Netflix MOD APK for Android

Thanks to these great features, Netflix is considered to be the world’s leading movie and TV viewing platform today. It is loved by many users from all over the world. Since the application, many people have canceled the TV stations they are using and switch to watch Netflix.

I also personally use this application to replace regular movie websites, TV channels. I log into Netflix on a variety of devices like smart TVs, computers, tablets, phones to experience it anytime. What are you waiting without download immediately Netflix to experience the largest store of movies today!

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